Opening our Spiritual Gifts from God

Each of us has been wonderfully made in God’s hands. He has given us spiritual gifts that help to make us unique individuals. Knowing the spiritual gifts that God has given us can help us throughout life, be it personal or business, work or play.


Sometimes it is hard to know what our spiritual gifts are. Sometimes it is very apparent to ourselves or to others that we are gifted a certain way. A fun thing about spiritual gifts is that they are gifts. We don’t have to earn them. We don’t have a limit on how many we get. God will give us what we need as we serve Him throughout our lives.

Young adults

The main spiritual gifts often have personality traits that help us know that they are there. Over the years quite a few fun tests have been created to help us both find out and better understand what our spiritual gifts are. We have a few of these tests available through our HCOS Web-Link Library ,and invite you to use them to find out what spiritual gift you have been given so far.

You can also check out our RightNowMedia library for more Bible studies on spiritual gifts; like Your Divine Design by Chuck Ingram.  Our grad students discover more about their spiritual gifts be mentoring younger students in our mentoring program, and Forum moderation leadership on the Ning.

Primary students

If you have a younger primary student they might prefer the resource God Given Gifts in our Overdrive e library.

Blessings Erin

FMT leader.

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