Why Read in 2017?



January is one of our main reading months of the year!  It has been interesting to see the stats in our Overdrive e library soar over the holidays, and we can see that students and families are enjoying their reading!  This month we launch our Bookaneer Readathon and here are some of the factors for resolving to read this month!

  1.  Time to use your learning commons and discover your next adventure!   If you have not discovered the joys of our physical and virtual commons please contact Shandra Wiebe, and she will get you going with your membership to a beautiful array of non-fiction and fiction resources.  You can find resources which may be read to you or listen to, or you can read the old-fashioned way with a physical book.  Our Overdrive digital library appeals to students in all grades and is immediately accessible.  Our physical commons has a multitude of curriculum and fiction resources and our staff will ship materials to your home.  Feel free to contact us at our Contact Us sign for your reference queries.
  2. This year for our Bookaneer Read-a-Thon we are focusing on our reading pleasures; habits, hobbies, or treasure, whatever that may be.  Perhaps choose a book from a different genre that you normally read, to enlighten your mind.  Or read a book set in a location you would like to visit.  Read more about an area that you have been praying about, or feel compassion.  Read up on a hobby or subject you want to know more about.  It could encompass both fiction and non-fiction.
  3. Picture books are a wonderful and precious leeway into many of our new BCEDplan standards.  Especially our Inquiry picture books on Overdrive e library, which cover fiction and non fiction beautifully.  Many of these books are read-aloud, which allow our younger students who are not reading able to enjoy.  Click on the Dyslexia font in the settings if you have a student who needs help reading.
  4. Write a book review after reading your books.  Journaling is a great way for younger students to write about what they are seeing, hearing or viewing.  Encourage them to share their opinions along the way.  Then share with our learning commons staff.  We will post to our blog 🙂
  5. Listen to an audiobook as a family and then share your thoughts at the dinner table or tea time!
  6.  Send us your requests for what you would like to read either on Overdrive or L4U.  Just keep on reading!  The literacy results will show!

Blessings from the learning commons team.

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