February News from the Learning commons!



Winter is almost over and learning is alive!  What a great year of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) discovery, and finding purpose in our learning as we encourage our students to share in their passions and inquiry!  The BC Ed Plan has allowed for so much more flexibility and freedom to go more deeply into some topics, and less in others.  We pray that the resources we are compiling on this K-9  page are going to help you meet the needs of your student learning.  Shandra has also been working on updating new topics in L4U catalogue to make searching easier.

As we work on the middle grade kits we are aware that there are many topics that will inspire inquiry and great discussion.  Please use discernment and your student’s passions and interests to inspire research with the many activities included in our kits.

The new  grade six kits are ready to go and you can find them here.

The latest physical kit for grade six, on war and conflict is listed here.


This coming month we are focusing on all things READING, LOVE, STEM, WRITING and INQUIRY.


Finding times to read and write this month has never been more fun as we celebrate reading in our Bookaneer Readathon!  Don’t forget to post your selfie with your favourite book on our Facebook page or on Twitter with the following hashtag #hcsreadathon2017 @ShandraWiebe @PippaDavies.  There will be a prize for the most unique selfie on social media!  Last day to share your scores on the ‘Minutes Completed’ form with Shandra Wiebe is February 7th.


February is the month of celebrating LOVE,  and what better way to share learning around love than reading picture books and chapter books on Overdrive or L4U!  Read more with Natalie’s article here.  Erin shares some great web links here in her Valentine’s article.

Socio-Emotional learning and teaching students about the antithesis of bullying.  Here is a wonderful article with lots of great ideas for teaching students just reading picture books.


Upcoming Lunch ‘n Learn workshops!

Digital Citizenship and Research Skills Lunch ‘n Learn workshop read more here.

Writing Workshop  with Pat Mackesy read more in this article here.

STEM Integration Workshop with Kathy Whittome read more here.

Archived webinars.  Click on this link to listen to our recent Gizmos science and math Lunch ‘n Learn  webinar.  Click on this link to hear our recent Overdrive eLibrary Lunch ‘n Learn webinar.

Blessings from the learning commons team!

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