Passing the Baton to Cynthia Duncalfe

Have you ever run a relay race? Have you been part of a team of runners whose goal is to do their best for their portion of the race?

I feel that being the curriculum consultant in HCOS is like a relay race. Sarah Bennett passed the baton to me, and I am now passing the baton to Cynthia Duncalfe.

I have known Cynthia for many years. She will be a great help to families and teachers of HCOS in curriculum consulting and development of resources. I know she is knowledgeable, a life-long learner, and a passionate homeschool mom. I know that Cynthia will serve you each day to the glory of God!

In leaving HCOS as your curriculum consultant, I go with memories of joy and fulfillment! I am so thankful to God and all the wonderful people he has brought into my life through the Learning Commons and all of HCOS! I have been incredibly blessed!

I leave with full confidence in Cynthia, and I am certain that she will serve you very well! I know that she would love to hear from you! You can contact her anytime at

Blessings to you, Natalie

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