Booking for Summer/Next School Year

If you recently enrolled or have reenrolled, you can now book for the summer as well as for the whole school year!  This means you can plan your year and book unit studies and curriculum for 7 week loan periods in advance! (We don’t loan items out for a whole year).  And it’s best to do so because the unit study kits are very popular.  It’s also a good idea to be flexible with your plans so if your kit is not available you can switch to a different one or use other resources. Please reserve kits for specific dates or you may not receive it!

  • If you have not re-enrolled, ALL library items are due back in the library by June 16th, 2017.
  • Last date for booking items to be shipped to you for the summer is June 23rd.
  • There is a limit of 35 items including:  books, up to 3 Unit Study kits and 8 AV items per family.  Going on a trip?  Check out our books on CD, and our selection of DVDs!

Take some time this summer to learn more about what L4U has to offer:  Supplemental Packs,  Unit Studies, Homeschool Methods and Philosophies,  Socio-emotional book lists, curriculum, books and so much more!  Many of these topics can be found in the L4U Topic Search, 001 Resources Icon.

We also have other Topic Searchs such as 002 Books by Subject and 003 Special Education Icons:


Not sure how to place bookings?  Go here to learn how!

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