New Grade 7 Physical Unit Studies in L4U!

Chemistry: Matter and Elements Unit Studyelements

Dive into the complex world of chemicals, compounds, elements, reactions, and crystals. This kit will serve as a terrific introduction to the remarkable world of chemistry. Design your own experiment, grow crystals, create amazing chemical reactions, analyze unknown substances, and much more!


Creation and Evolution Unit Studyearth

This unit is designed to explore the various perspectives on the creation of life on earth. Students will be able to grapple with challenging books, conduct research, and develop and support their own opinions and understandings, all while completing engaging projects and activities. Become a philosopher, design and build an ecosystem, engineer a biodome, and explore God’s fascinating creation!


Energy and Electromagnetism  Unit Studyelectro

There is an entire world of energy out there just waiting to be explored! This unit will introduce students to the fascinating world of renewable energy sources, as well as the concept of electromagnetism. Build your own electromagnet, become an engineer and solve a global power challenge, design a new energy source, build a solar oven, and much more!


Fossil Record and Climate Change Unit Studyfos

Did you know that our earth is home to billions of fossils? This unit will introduce students to the fossil record, climate changes through time, and the incredible biodiversity on our beautiful planet. Explore our world through experimenting, researching, reading, viewing, and creating! Become a travel agent to the past, bring fossils to life, and even try creating your own fossils!
This engaging unit features a variety of excellent digital and physical resources which look into the amazing world of fossils, as well as exploring the eras in which these fossils walked the earth. Students will be invited to explore this subject through reading, interactive assignments, videos, games and websites. They will conduct research, defend their beliefs, and practice writing strong, well-supported opinion pieces.

These unit studies are available to book for 7 weeks in L4U.  Book early to avoid disappointment!

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