Exciting Changes Ahead!


Dear Learning Commons patrons,

The Learning Commons team is making changes to our Learning Commons website after surveys revealed you had problems finding materials.   In mid June we hope to release a simpler information portal, and a more visually pleasing layout.  We have purchased a new resource manager via Insignia, and are in process of upgrading our WordPress website, hcslearningcommons.org.  Over the next few months, we will transfer some existing data, and have the new circulation system installed.

What does this mean to you as a patron?

  • Your search and booking process will be easier, and more authentic.
  • Sign up will be faster via Encom authentication, or for our campus patrons Google Suite. One set of passwords will be applicable for all systems.
  • The Learning Commons hub will allow you to search seamlessly in one place for web links, digital and non-digital books, and some of our research subscriptions.
  • Booking for next year’s physical resources will begin in late May, or earlier if we get the go-ahead from our vendor.  We will alert you if that is the case.
  • Our other subscriptions will be included on a password-protected page on the WordPress site.  This may only begin in the fall. For now, please continue to use Encom for passwords under the “Curriculum Resources” tab.
  • Once the new site is live we will expect some glitches.  Please be patient as we update any of these issues. Prayer is appreciated 🙂  The long-term result should be worth the wait.

Thank you for your continued patronage!


Blessings from the Learning Commons team.

Pippa Davies, Learning Commons Director.



  1. Thanks so much. We LOVE using physical resources (the robot was a recent hit) and use a few of the subscriptions all the time. We appreciate your work!

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  2. That is awesome! Thanks for the feedback Sarah!


  3. Reblogged this on HCS Learning Commons and commented:

    Dear Patrons,
    Thanks for your patience as we experience some issues with our learning commons portal over the next couple of weeks as we reorganize the system.


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