Water Week, March 18-24: Fun Lessons and Activities


Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

What is something that every living thing needs to survive? Water! It is an important natural resource that too often we take for granted. In Canada, we have about 20% of the worlds fresh water supply in our country, however, this is a resource that we need to take care of so that everyone will have it for years to come. March 22 is World Water Day.

BC Hydro has planned some fun and educational free lessons and activities to help us learn and appreciate the water around us.

Guess the Mystery Water Animal Game Play a game with Grades K-3 to guess the names of animals who live in water habitats by looking at clues about the animals.

Every Drop Counts – Group Project Grades 4-7 take a look at how water is used. How much of the world’s water is wasted? What can we personally do to conserve water and make a difference?

How Big is your Water Footprint? – Group Project Grades 8-12 Will look at their personal water footprint. How much water do you use? (Hint* it is more than just what your drink, shower and wash with.) How much water was used in the making of your clothes? How much did it take to make all of the food you eat? How much water was used to make the electricity in your house? What can we do to responsibly use water?

Don’t forget to drink a large refreshing glass of water and be thankful for the blessings that we have in the water around us! On that note, I think it is time to put on some rubber boots and go and play in a spring puddle. Have a great water week!


Erin Duncan


Photo by Oscar Blair on Unsplash







  1. THis awesome photograph inspired my Geometry Lesson. Student needs to take a photo where the object will fit within surface area of a puddle. Iti si a fun and creative intro concept when starting teaching area, surface area, and perimeter. Thank you!

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