Inquiry-Based Science and Math with GIZMOS

Do your students want to learn by asking questions and trying various possibilities?  That sounds like Gizmos to me.  Do your parents want BC-correlated curriculum ideas?  Sounds like Gizmos again.  Do your students ask you for links to sites where they can learn more?  Hmmm.  Gizmos has that.  What about answer keys?  Teaching suggestions?  Vocabulary lists?  You guessed it–Gizmos has those with classes in Grades 3 to 9 for both math and science.

“Gizmos helps students develop a deep understanding of challenging concepts through inquiry and exploration.”  The site explains concepts at various levels and students then use the Gizmo to try out the idea… to change things… to “mess” with them.  “Over 400 Gizmos gives everyone something to graph, measure, and compare. Even predict and prove… hundreds of opportunities where students don’t just act like scientists and mathematicians. They are.”

To find out the Gizmos available, this document Shared Gizmo Lists will give you the links to see which Gizmos are available for each grade.  (You’re welcome to share this with anyone.)  The lists will even allow you to access the Gizmo and look at it for a few minutes, before it closes.  To use the site properly, you will need to set up an account and log in.

I am excited about the great potential you can find in our Gizmos subscription.  PLUS, we have made it so much easier for you.  Just email me,, to receive the class codes so you can set up your account in Gizmos.

This is a site you need to try in order to believe how good it is!

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