Math + Fun = Learning

The month of April is not only special for the spring flowers, but also for the new Math possibility springing up.  We have been given a pilot or test account in Matific from now until the end of April.  Every HCOS teacher has been given an account in this site, which is available to them until April 30th.  Contact your HCOS support teacher to be placed in Matific to prove that math + fun = learning.

A Matific episode is a game-oriented group of tasks designed to convey a specific mathematical concept, skill, or insight. Each episode engages children from 5 to 15 minutes.  It feels like playing games to the students, but allows them to master core math concepts.

Parents, if you would like to try some sample activities, go to this link:  Matific Sample Activities.  Scroll down the page to find a menu of grades, each of which has a number of fun learning activities.  Note the description  of the game is below the screen with the activity.

Matific Sample Activities

One big “plus” is that Matific has established a Canadian site; another “plus” is the content is correlated to our BC curriculum, including assessment available to teachers.  This site comes highly recommended to us by HCOS teachers.


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