Poetry: Whats the word?

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Poetry has been around for thousands of years. Long before it was written and read it was used orally to share stories, remember genealogy, teach laws. It was also used to: entertain in song and spoken word with historical accounts; tell tales of happenings in the day to day life; share fictional works that pass on the identity of a culture; and inspire with love stories and more.

Celebrate right now with Poetry eBooks on Overdrive here in this collection!


How do I write a poem? It can be hard to get started. What should it be about? Does it have to rhyme? Creative Writing Now’s site has the answers to those questions and more to help you get started! Creative Writing Now: Poetry

Poetry Games: Children’s Author Ken Nesbitt has a list of fun games to help kids learn about and enjoy poetry. Poetry Fun and Games

To Rhyme?: One fun aspect of many poems is making the poem rhyme. However, it can sometimes be hard to find words that rhyme and fit your poem. Thankfully there are tools to help with this. Rhyming Dictionary

Poetry in our culture today: One of the current most popular works of poetry and spoken word is the musical ‘Hamilton’ by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Lin’s inspiration was Alexander Hamilton, a man who used his talent in both written and spoken word to influence people, to ignite passionate opinions and ultimately to help shape the nation. Lin first introduced this concept at the White House Poetry Jam that the Obama’s held and it became a cultural sensation. One that has ignited a new generation’s passion for spoken word. I have included a link to a video of this first performance at the Whitehouse. Please know that there is some language used that today may not be considered the best, but is used in its correct historical context in this piece. Words are powerful! Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam

Poetry Contest: Heritage Christian School Learning Commons and NING are hosting a Poetry contest open to all HCOS students running from April 2nd to May 25th. The theme for this year’s contest is Grace. The contest is hosted on NING: NING Poetry Contest – Spring 2018 NING is open to students Grade 8-12, parents and teachers. For students Grade 7 and under who would like to take part in this contest a family account can be made.  If you do not have a NING account and you would like more info on NING or the Poetry Contest please email Erin Duncan. eduncan@onlineschool.ca

Let’s have fun and write poems!

Happy Poetry Month!!

Erin Duncan

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