Searching for Unit Studies

The ever-popular Unit Study kits have been flying off the shelves and you may be thinking it’s too late to book…Not So!  Some kits have more copies, so there is more availability and you can book in advance right up until May 2019!  Check out the Physical Unit Study List which is a quick reference by grade.

Here are some tips for finding and booking physical unit studies and correlating material in the Search Portal:

    • Unit study kits are available to Enrolled patrons.  Registered patrons are welcome to access the online guides, but cannot book the physical kits.
    • Enter a keyword from the title, not the entire title, and add the term “unit” to the search.  For example, the Grade 9 Colonialism, Imperialism, and Discrimination Physical Mini Unit Study should be entered as: colonialism unit.
    • Refine your search: a search for habitats retrieves 184 results. Limit Search Result by KIT and click the refresh button to see only those options.
  • Remember to access the parent guide on online for clickable links.  The guides can be found in the search portal and on the website under Unit Study Kits.
  • If a kit is not available when you first attempt to book it, check back to see if it has come available. Folks change their minds and delete bookings through the year.  We also add copies of kits from time to time so more are available.
  • You can access the parent guide even if the kit is booked and take out books from a local library or just use your own.
  • The loan period is 7 weeks, but if you live in the Okanagan or the Lower Mainland, we can book for them for you for 5 weeks, if that is all that is available. Courier service to these areas is quite efficient so it doesn’t take as long to send/receive the kits.
  • Use other resources such as supplemental packs and books. For example, the “Habitats” kit is very popular, but we also have three other kits that cover this topic:  The Gibson Park Grassland Detectives, The Kingfisher Camp River Detectives and the Sixth Street Wetlands Detectives.
  • You can also use the digital guides with eBooks from the OverDrive Virtual Library.


If you have not yet learned how to book unit studies and other items, you can download the tutorials! Just go to the Getting Started page and click on the appropriate link: Enrolled or Registered account.

Here is a list of all Unit Studies and Correlations Packs:

Physical Unit Study List