6-9 Digital Literacy

Grades 6–9 (Ages 11–15)

The following experiences with technology and digital resources are examples of learning activities in which students might engage during Grades 6–9 (ages 11–15):

  1. Describe and illustrate a content-related concept or process using a model, simulation, or concept-mapping software.
  2. Create original animations or videos documenting school, community, or local events.
  3. Gather data, examine patterns, and apply information for decision making using digital tools and resources.
  4. Participate in a cooperative learning project in an online learning community.
  5. Evaluate digital resources to determine the credibility of the author and publisher and the timeliness and accuracy of the content.
  6. Employ data-collection technology such as probes, handheld devices, and geographic mapping systems to gather, view, analyze, and report results for content-related problems.
  7. Select and use the appropriate tools and digital resources to accomplish a variety of tasks and to solve problems.
  8. Use collaborative electronic authoring tools to explore common curriculum content from multicultural perspectives with other learners.
  9. Integrate a variety of file types to create and illustrate a document or presentation.
  10. Independently develop and apply strategies for identifying and solving routine hardware and software problems.

You can find creative ideas to meet the above in this document:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 8.29.02 AM

Digital Literacy Skills Grades 6-9 (in Google Presentation format)

As a PDF Download: Digital Literacy Grades 6-9

Digital Citizenship and Bullying 7-9 Cover

Digital Citizenship and Bullying Digital Kit

Digital Citizenship and Bullying Physical Kit

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