Aboriginal Peoples of Canada – Grade 4

Aboriginal Peoples of Canada


Digital Resources for Use With This Kit:

Aboriginal/Indigenous Cultures Kit Guide

Please note: the digital library will only allow you to check­out three books at this time. I recommend borrowing Secret of the Dance by Andrea Spalding first, and then returning it when finished to enable you to borrow Buffalo Before Breakfast.

First Nations: Native Cultures of Canada by Doug Sylvester

Secret of the Dance by Andrea Spalding

Buffalo Before Breakfast by Mary Pope Osborne

The Sign of the Beaver in ebook format or audio book format by Elizabeth George Speare

Online Resources:

Bible Gateway

Discovery Education

Additional Information:

There are many crafts and activities included throughout the unit. I recommend looking at the plans for a week at a time to see if there are any supplies you would like to purchase or gather beforehand.

On Day 20 there is a suggestion to use Searchasaurus from EBSCOhost to find articles and information. Searchasaurus is a fantastic tool that will enable your child to conduct age ­appropriate research. NOTE: you will need to contact your child’s teacher order to get the login information for EBSCOhost. Once you have logged in you will be able to choose from a range of search options including Searchasaurus.

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