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Advent is a time of expectation and hope.

“Advent” means “arrival” or “coming,” and it prompts us to pause each day in December and remember why Jesus came at Christmas.
I love this time of year, when we spend time each day anticipating the coming of Christ!  And we are still anticipating his Coming! Hallelujah!

Creating family traditions around Advent and Christmas is a meaningful way to enjoy time together as a family.  There are many great resources available; here is just one link to get you started!

We have over 100 physical books in the Learning Commons that relate to Christmas.  You can find them in the KIDS search, under the KIOSK category HOLIDAYS – CHRISTMAS.  (You can’t book them from this list, but you can look up the titles).

Here is a sample of titles available for you to enjoy:

The Candymaker’s Gift 

The Meaning of the Candy Cane list including corresponding bible verses.  Ideas for a candy cane party. Candy cane decoration ideas and a recipe for candy cane cookies. Presents an illustrated children’s story about the significance and meaning of the Christmas candy cane.

Mary’s treasure box

At her granddaughter’s request, Mary recalls the events surrounding the birth of Jesus and the lessons various momentos hold for her.

The Gift of the Christmas cookie : sharing the true meaning of Jesus’ birth

During the Great Depression, Jack helps his mother make cookies for the needy at their church, learns the story of how the first Christmas cookies were used to spread the gospel to people who could not read, then finds a way to bring that story to life.

Miracle in a shoe box

Jay’s own desire to help a Bosnian family by sending Christmas presents snowballs, and soon his family, friends at church, and people from town are participating in the effort to bring a holiday miracle to the war-ravaged country.

The candle in the window

Gunther views Christmas Eve as just another day until a candle in the window changes everything, and suddenly he is caught up in the excitement of waiting for the Christ Child’s visit.

The night before a Canadian Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all around the house, not a creature was stirring, except for a moose.  Readers of all ages will laugh out loud at all the Canadian references in this hilarious version of the night before Christmas.  There are children in long johns snug in their beds while visions of poutine dance in their heads. Santa replaces his reindeer with a team of beavers – Gretzky, Trudeau, Shania, Loonie, Bob, Doug, Suzuki and Toonie.

Pippin the Christmas Pig

Intimidated and dejected by the other animals’ stories about the important gifts brought by their ancestors to the stable where Jesus was born, Pippin the pig performs an act of kindness and discovers the true meaning of Christmas giving.

Christmas at Harrington’s

A woman down on her luck finds a new start at Christmastime in this warm, contemporary story by a much-loved novelist.

A Christmas to remember:  tales of comfort and joy

A collection of eleven Christmas stories recorded in the fictional diaries of girls who lived in Canada from the late eighteenth-century to World War II.

This Is The Stable

Wondrous things are happening in this humble little stable. The animals are gathering round. Shepherds and wise men and angels are coming from afar. All of them are flocking to see the Christ child, born this night in Bethlehem.

Illustrated by artist Delana Bettoli in the gorgeous tropical hues of the region and told in lyrical verses perfect for reading aloud, Cynthia Cotten’s This Is a Stable is a retelling of the Nativity that will be treasured for many a Christmas to come.

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