Other Science Kit Guides

Please keep in mind that the BC guides have been only correlated to meet BC outcomes. Therefore, you will need to pick and choose the portions of the unit studies in order to meet other outcomes. Some of these units will cover the outcomes very well, some of them will need supplementation with other resources.   Please check with your teacher or curriculum consultant if you need further clarification.

Grade 1:

Needs of Plants and Animals:

Animals Unit Study

Plant Unit Study

Grade 2:


Solids, Liquids and Gasses Unit Study

Small Crawling and Flying Animals:

Animals Unit Study

Grade 3:

Building with a Variety of Materials and Testing Materials and Design:

Structures Unit Study

Hearing and Sound:

Light and Sound Unit Study

Grade 4:

Wheels and Levers and Building Devices and Vehicles that Move:

Simple Machines Unit Study

Light and Shadows:

Light and Sound Unit Study

Grade 5:

Electricity and Magnetism and Mechanisms Using Electricity:

Electricity Unit Study


Chemistry Unit Study

Weather Watch:

Weather Unit Study

Wetlands Ecosystem:

Habitats Unit Study

Grade 6:

Trees and Forests:

Natural Resources Unit Study

Grade 7:

Interactions and Ecosystems:

Ecosystems Unit Study

Planet Earth:

Earth Science Unit Study

Grade 8:

Cells and Systems:

Cells and Systems Virtual Unit Study

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