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Ancient China

Ancient Civilizations: China

Note: you are only able to check out three books at a time. I recommend that you check out “If I were a Kid in Ancient China,” “Great Ancient China Projects,” and “Ming Dynasty” first. You will be able to return “Ming Dynasty” after day five at which point you can check out “Discover Ancient China.” After day eleven you can return “Discover Ancient China” and check out “The History Detective.” Once you have completed the readings in “If I Were a Kid…” you will be able to return it and check out “Marco Polo for Kids.”

Digital Resources for Use With This Kit:

Ancient China Digital Kit – Parent Guide

Discover Ancient China by Neil D. Bramwell

The History Detective Investigates: The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China by Geoffrey Barker

Great Ancient China Projects You Can Build Yourself by Lance Kramer

Ming Dynasty China by Bonnie Hinman

If I Were a Kid in Ancient China by Lou Waryncia

Marco Polo for Kids by Janis Herbert
Online Resources:
Bible Gateway
Discovery Education

Additional Information:
The books “Great Ancient China Projects You Can Build Yourself” and “Marco Polo for Kids” both feature many hands-on projects and activities. I have selected and scheduled many of these activities. Please feel free to pick-and-choose activities based on the needs of your child. Note, however, that both of these books include interesting and engaging material that will help your child to gain a richer understanding of ancient China. I recommend that you read through these books as schedule, even if you choose not to do the scheduled activity.

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