Animals Unit Study K-1



Animals Unit Study Kit in L4U Library  (login first)

Animal Unit Materials

The following items are included in the unit study package and must be returned to HCOS:

  1. Animals Parent Guide
  2. It’s Alive! published by Scholastic (Pan-Canadian Science Series)
  3. Animals Grow published by Scholastic (Pan-Canadian Science Series)
  4. Hungry Animals by Pamela Hickman
  5. Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle – Enchanted (or in guide)
  6. Salmon Stream by Carol Reed-Jones
  7. Bag of plastic animal figures
  8. Tale of a Tadpole* student reader by Karen Wallace
  9. Animal Disguises* student reader by Emma Ryan
  10. Undercover Creatures* student reader by Katherine Kenah
  11. A Walk in the Park  Core Curriculum/Ohio AIMS Education Foundation
  12. “Animal Match” card game”
  13.  “Animals of all Kinds” card game

* Not all Animal Unit Study kits will include these items

  1. The Classroom Teacher’s World Animal Encyclopedia * by Sherrill B. Flora
  2. Living Things by Adrienne Mason

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