Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) K-3

Big Ideas
  • Designs grow out of natural curiosity
  • Skills can be developed through play
  • Technologies are tools that extend human capabilities


Students are expected to use the following learning standards in combination with grade-level content from other areas of learning in cross-curricular activities to develop foundational mindsets and skills in design thinking and making.




MakerEd resource page


OverDrive Resources

There are 2 places where you will find relevant resources on our OverDrive digital library.  One is in the ADST Collection …

ADST screenshot

… and the other is in the Creative Thinking/MakerEd Collection.  From the main page, select “Teacher’s Lounge” from the Collections drop-down menu, then as below:

Creative thinking


To find physical books and engaging hands-on kits, select “Advanced” search, then Series – Maker Ed, and submit, as per the image below.

Maker Ed




BrainPOP Jr. (for K-3; find it at the bottom of the BrainPOP page) → Arts & Technology – In this site, choosing Resources > Curricula > BC > Applied Design, Skills & Technologies produces:  Applied Design, Skills & Technologies (K-12)  Be sure to choose

Search related content

which will open up many programs under those topics.

Tynker (sign up at for learning coding & programming.

World Book Kids (K-5):  Cooking Activities:  Food Fun, Musical Instruments:  Make Some Noise, Art Activities:  Making with Paper  Lesson Plans for Parents, and Science Projects.  Tutorials for using World Book Kids.

CodeBC – (Coding Resources Connected to BC’s Curriculum)  This is free to everyone; no login required.  First, you choose the grade level.  Then, on the right-hand side navigation, you can choose resources according to your own skills and knowledge in coding.


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