Applied Design, Skills and Technologies (ADST) K-12

This resource page covers the following topics as shared in the suggested modules for ASDT curriculum (Gr. 6/7).  However many of these may be used for K-9, and some for 9-12.  Resources may be L4U physical resources, Overdrive eResources, kits, online courses and subscriptions.

Computational Thinking :

Overdrive resources

Arduino by Terrence o’Neil and Josh Williams (Arduino’s may also be borrowed from the physical commons via L4U)

Awesome Algorithms and Creative Coding by Clive Gifford

Getting Started with Coding by Camille McCue

Javascript for Kids by Nick Morgan

More Web Design with HTML by Colleen Van Lent

Who Invented the Computer by Robert Sneddon

Python for Kids by Jason Briggs

Ruby Wizardry by Eric Weistein- An Introduction to Programming

Scratch by Pete Bensen


Brain Pop – search Computer Science and Coding – In this site, choosing Resources –> Curricula–>BC–>Applied Design, Skills & Technologies produces:  Information Technology 8-10; Applied Design, Skills & Technologies (K-12)  Be sure to choose see-related-content-imagewhich will open up many programs under those topics.

Choosing Categories–>Math, Science and Technology–>Computer Science will take students to a list of programs they can watch.adst-resources-in-curio-ca

E.g. Disrupting Design; Getting Gouged by Geeks; Hackers; How Data Mining is Changing Political Campaigns; Sc@mmed; Teaching Coding through Robotics; The Information Highway:  Road to the Future?; etc.

Learn 360: Nina and the Neurons Go Digital (K-2), Binary: Chalk Talk (Grades 6-12), Coding (Grades 9-12)

Tynker (sign up at

Online Course 

Contact Mark Lamden for Tech Lab 6/7 and Shannon Beglaw for IMT Science 8.

Computers and Communication Devices

Blogs by Lucia Raatma

You can do a Graphic Novel by Barbara Slate

Understanding and Creating Infographics by Kristin Fontichiaro


All the Right Type Keyboarding program (sign up at

Brain Pop – search Computers

See above.

Discovery Education – Options: Sid The Science Kid: The Amazing Computer Science Tool (K-2), Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures: Computer Fun (K-2) Math Monsters: Computers (K-2), The Fixies (Grades K-5), Elementary Video Adventures: All About Computers (Grades 3-5), Careers in Computer Programming (Grades 6-12), Get a Life! Computer Consultant, Trainer, Chip Designer and Engineer (Grades 6-12). Careers for the 21st Century: Computer Occupations (Grades 9-12), Teaching Through Technology series for the teacher

Learn 360: Computers: Driverless Cars: Nina and the Neurons Go Digital (Grades K-5), Modern Marvels (Grades 6-12), The History of Computers (Grades 9-12), Computers and Information Technology (Grades 9-12)

Overdrive Resources

Computers by Kevin Cunningham

Computers:  Lets Explore Science by Don Mcleese

Getting Started with Makerbot by Bre Pettis

Make 3D Printing by Anna Kazuinas France


Makey Makey kits

Digital Literacy – For search, see at the top of the page.  E.g. Are We Digital Dummies?; Bill C-30 and Internet Privacy; Biometrics: Eye Security; Can You Hack It?; etc.

Digital Citizenship kits created by the learning commons for K-9

Discovery Education – Options: Common Sense Media Grades K-5 and 6-8

Learn 360: Cybersecurity (Grades 9-12), CyberEthics (Grades 9-12), Introduction to Information Literacy (Grades 9-12)

Overdrive Resources

The Defeat of the Cyber Bully;  The Savvy Cyber Kids at Home by Ben Halpert

Raising a Digital Child by Mark Ribble

Researching in a Digital World by Eric Palmer


Discovery Education – Options: The Fixies: The Draftsman (Grades K-5), Drafters (Grades 9-12)

Learn 360: Overview of CAD (Grades 9-12)

Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Overdrive Resources

Entrepreneurship:  Create Your Own Business by Alex Kahan

Giving Back by Cecilia Minden

Kids Making Money by  Mattie Reynolds

Lawn Boy:  (fiction) by Larry Paulsen

One Hen: (fiction) by Katie Smith Milway

The Maker Movement Manifesto by Mark Hatch

Starting Your Own Business by Cecilia Minden

Zero to Maker by David Lang


Design Squad Global – For search, see at the top of the page.  E.g.  Dragons’ Den episodes; Marketplace episodes; Venture episodes; Fortune Hunters episodes; Also:  The Sharing Economy; Stuffed; Teen Develops App to Prevent Child Hot Car Deaths; Addiction and the Food Industry; Diversity in Ads; Canadian Innovations; The Benefits of Buying Canadian; etc.

Discovery Education – Options: Reading Rainbow: Lemonade for Sale (Grades K-2), Entrepreneurship: Be Your Own Boss (Grades 6-8) Careers for the 21st Century: Marketing and Sales Occupations (Grades 9-12)

Learn 360: Entrepreneurship: Career Options series (Grades 9-12), You’re the Boos: Starting and Running Your own Business series (Grades 9-12), Boss: Owning your Own Business (Grade 9-12), Marketing, Sales and Service (Grades 9-12)

Food Studies

Brain Pop – Topics include: Organic Food, Food Safety, Salt, Taste, Carbohydrates, Nutrition – For search, see at the top of the page.  E.g.  Under the category of “Foods and Nutrition”: Addiction and the Food Industry;  Apocalypse Cow: The Mad Cow Story; Cafeteria Confidential; Calorie Confidential; Canada’s Restaurant Secrets; etc.

Discovery Education – Options: Food: Learn How to Eat Well (K-2), Food and Nutrition series (K-2), Jack the Apple (K-2), Introduction to Picture Books: Yummy Stories about Food (K-2) Fresh Food: What is Farm to Table (Grades 3-8), The Good Food Diner (Grades 3-5), Standard Deviants Teaching System: Nutrition series (Grades 6-12), Breakfast Because! Canadian Edition (Grades 9-12), Teen Nutrition: What’s the Big Debate? Canadian Edition (Grades 6-12), Food Science Experiments (Grades 6-12), Daily Planet in the Classroom: Food (Grades 6-12)

Learn 360: The Science of Food series (Grades 3-12), Kitchen and Food Safety (Grades 6-12), Food Alergies (Grades 6-12), World Food Markets (Grades 6-12), World Foods: French Cooking (Grades 6-12), Food Service Skills (Grades 9-12), Food Service Industry (Grades 9-12), Food Safety (Grade 9-12), Kitchen and Food Safety series (Grades 9-12), Investigating Food Additives series (Grades 9-12), Professional Careers in the Food Industry (Grades 9-12), The Art of Food Presentation (Grades 9-12)

Overdrive Resources

An Apple a Day:  The Myths, Misconceptions and Truths About the Foods We Eat by Joe Schwarcz

Food Safety Basics by Caroline Laine

Food 25 Amazing Projects by Kathleen M. Reilly

Nutrition:  Food and Healthy Eating ( Rainbow Horizons workbook) by Brenda Croft

The Good Garden (fiction) by Katie Smith Milway

Stem Guides to Cooking by Kay Robertson

Using STEM to Investigate Food Production by Barbara R Sandall

Media Arts

Brain Pop – Topics include: Media Literacy and Video Games – For search, see at the top of the page.  Under Categories, choose Arts and then “Media and Communications” to find E.g. Are We Digital Dummies?  Ask a Silly Question; Butting In: Big Tobacco Meets Big Media; etc.  Under Resources, Curricula, BC, choose Arts Education and choose see-related-content-imageunder the “Media Arts 10 to 12” link.  E.g. Tattoos: An Ancient Art Goes Mainstream; The Last Great Escape: Why Use Animation in a Documentary?; The Last Great Escape: Behind the Scenes with the Animation Team; etc.

Discovery Education Options: iMaths: 3D Graphics (Grades 3-8), Prophets of science Fiction: George Lucas (Grades 9-12), Careers for the 21st Century: Media and the Arts Occupations (9-12),

Learn 360: Digital Art (Grades 3-12), Creating a Career with Media Arts in Mind series (Grades 9-12), How to Produce a Video (Grades 9-12),

Overdrive Resources

Digital Photography for Beginners by Angela Pierce

Using the Media Grades 6-8 Fact Fiction or Opinion?  by Instructional Fair


Learn 360: Oregon: Valley Bronze Gallery (Grades 3-8), Metalworking Safety (Grades 6-12), Japanese Metalwork (Grades 6-12),

Power Technology

Learn 360: Fluid Power Technology series (Grades 9-12)


Overdrive Resources

Getting Started with Lego Robotics by Mark Gura

First Robotics by Nancy Benovich Gilby

Robots are Everywhere by Richard Lay

The Lego Mindstorm by Laurens Valk

The Lego Mindstorms EV3 Laboratory by Danielle Benedetelli

Make Robots by Marc Frauenfelder

L4U Resources

Lego Mindstorm kits.

Brain Pop – Robots – Choosing Resources, Curricula, B.C. and then Applied Design, Skills and Technologies opens up many topics.  Under one of the Applied Design, Skills and Technologies topics, choose see-related-content-image which will move you into the categories, subjects, etc. filters.  At the top, choose Robotics in the search box.  E.g. Driverless Cars:  Giving up Control in the Fast Lane; Remote Control War; The Kill List; Drones: Military or Mainstream; Jobs at Risk from Automation; Death Trap.  Under Categories, choose Math, Science and Technology, then “Earth and Space Sciences” to find multiple pages of programs.  E.g. Atom Smasher; Canada’s Amazing Neptune Project; Deep Space Antenna; Deep Space Observatory; etc.

Discovery Education Options: The Fixies: The Internet and The Manipulator (Grades K-5) Weird Connections: The Blindfolded Seal (Grade 6-12), Science Nation: RoboBees (Grades 6-8) A World of Wonders: Japanese Robotics (Grades 9-12), Show Me Science: Robotics: Advances in Engineering (Grades 9-12)

Learn 360: Japanese Robotics: World of Wonders (Grades K-8), The Fixies: The Robot (Grades 3-5), Walt Disney World (Grades 6-12), Robotics and Automation: Career Options (Grades 9-12), Advances in Industrial Robotics (Grades 9-12), The Future of Robotics, Understanding Robotics series (Grades 9-12)


Girls Guide to DIY Fashion by Rachel Low

Textiles:  A History by Fiona McDonald

The Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids:  Projects and Activities by Lynda Mulligan

Discovery Education – Options: iDesign and Technology: Textiles Technology (Grades 6-12)

Learn 360: Cotton (Grades 3-5), Wool (Grades 3-5), Style Trek (Grades 3-12), New Fabrics, New Fibers (Grades 6-12), All About Textiles (Grades 6-12), The Science of Smart Materials (Grades 9-12)


Build it with Dad; Wood Working Fun for the Whole Family:  by A.J .Hamler

Discovery Education – Options: Workshop Safety: Safety in the Woodshop (Grades 9-12), Building a House series (Grades 6-12)

Learn 360: This is Daniel Cook making a Bird House (Grades K-2), Telmos and Tula: Little Windmill – Arts and Crafts (Grades K-2), Woodworking Tools series (Grades 6-12), Woodworking Safety (Grades 6-12), Woodworking: The Art and the Craft series (Grades 9-12) Building Trades series (Grades 9-12), Woodfinishing (Grades 9-12), Residential Construction Framing series (Grades 9-12)

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