Applied Skills Resources (Grade 8 and 9)

/Applied Skills Resources (Grade 8 and 9)
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Maker Ed – you can explore all of our resources for MakerEd here.

In Discovery Education:

Careers for the 21st Century: Engineering Occupations

In Learn 360:

Electronic Components (series)

Electrical Components (series)

Foods and Nutrition

In Overdrive: An Apple a Day by Joe Schwarcz (in Overdrive) Forget your dinner jacket and put on your lab coat: you have to be a nutritional scientist these days before you sit down to eat — which is why we need Dr. Joe Schwarcz, the expert who’s famous for connecting chemistry to everyday life. In An Apple a Day, he’s taken his thorough knowledge of food chemistry, applied it to today’s top food fears, trends and questions, and leavened it with his trademark lighthearted approach. The result is both an entertaining revelation of the miracles of science happening in our bodies every time we bite into a morsel of food, and a telling exploration of the myths, claims and misconceptions surrounding our obsession with diets, nutrition and weight.

In our L4U Library: Big Snacks, Little Meals by Rose Dunnington, Christmas Cooking by Rebecca Gilpin, Clueless in the Kitchen by Evelyn Raab, Cook it! by DK Publishing, Snack Attack by Meredith Books and Teens Cook by Megan Carle

In Discovery Education:

Standard Deviants Teaching Systems: Nutrition (series – there are 8 different Modules in this course, all about Nutrition and the Human Body)

Teen Nutrition: What’s the Big Debate – Canadian Edition

Breakfast Because! Canadian Edition

Nutritional Controversies

Fast Food Nutrition

In Learn 360:

Good Things First! Nutrition with Joan O’Keefe

Nutrition and Exercise: Making Healthy Choices

Nutrition Labels: Start with Breakfast

What’s for Dinner? Planning a Menu

Cooking 101

Food Safety

Food Safety: What you don’t know can hurt you

Herbs and Spices

Kitchen Fundamentals

Practical Healthy Cooking

World Foods (series) and World Food Markets (series)


In Discovery Education:

Careers for the 21st Century: Mechanics and Repairers

Junkyard Wars (series – go to More in the Series to find other episodes)

In Learn 360 (here are just a few of the titles available in Automotives):

Career Options: Automotive: Auto Mechanic

Engine Diagnosis, Intake and Exhaust and Emissions

Math in Automotive Technology

Basic Car Care

Automotive Computer System Service

Vehicle Maintenance and Fluid Service

Automotive Measurement

Buying the Basics – Cars


In our L4U Library: The Jumbo Book of Needlecraft, and Sewing by Judy A. Sadler

In Discovery Education:

IDesign and Technology: Textiles Technology

Art Start: Fiber (for grades 3-5 but may be usable)

Learn 360:

New Fabrics, Then Fibers

The Story of Silk


Careers in Fashion: Talent, Technology and Opportunity

The Science of Smart Materials

Fashion Show Through History

Confessions of a Fashion Designer

Online Resources

There is a BC teachers’ site for coding resources:  (Coding Resources Connected to BC’s Curriculum)  This is free to everyone.  First, you choose the grade level.  Then comes the part you’ll especially like:  on the right-hand side navigation, you can choose resources according to your own skills and knowledge in coding.  Enjoy the resources!

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