Applied Skills

This page covers grad resources for all electives in the draft curriculum.

Overdrive resources


To find the login information for subscriptions, please choose “Curriculum Resources” on your parent’s homepage in Encom, the school computer system.  Scroll down the Resources listed until you find the subscription of your choice.

Computational Thinking:


JavaScript 101  for Grades 9-12  (sign up at


Grades 9-12:  Coding; Japanese Coding Systems; Creating Mobile Apps; Patient Information and Diagnosis Coding; Binary:  Chalk Talk; Computer Technology in Art Careers; Math in Technology; Computer Systems Analyst:  Education and Certification Requirements; Using Technology in Your Work:  Creating a Career with the Arts in Mind; Mobile App Development and Deployment.

Applied Design, Skills & Technologies:

BC ExamBank

ExamBank is a website where students can write online practice exams in core subject areas for all grade levels from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  The ExamBank consists of nearly 500 practice exams pertaining to British Columbia’s curriculum. The exams are automatically and instantly scored to provide immediate feedback including correct answers and, in most cases, detailed explanations.  You can choose an exam that is just for a section you’ve studied, or to test an overview of the whole year’s work.

Choose Resources, Curricula, British Columbia and then choose “Applied Design, Skills and Technologies”:


Subjects immediately available are:  Applied Skills 11; Automotive Service Technician Level 1; Business Education 8 to 10, Business Education:  Accounting 11 and 12; Business Education: Business Computer Applications 11; Business Education: Business Information Management 12; Business Education: Data Management 12; Business Education: Entrepreneurship 12; Business Education: Financial Accounting 12;  Business Education: Management Innovation 12;  Business Education: Marketing 11 and 12; Carpentry Level 1; Economics 12; Home Economics: Cafeteria Training 11 and 12; Home Economics: Family Studies 10 to 12; Home Economics: Foods and Nutrition 8 to 12; Home Economics: Textiles 8 to 12; Human Services 11 and 12; Information Technology 8 to 10; Professional Cook 1; Skills Exploration 10 to 12; Technology Education 11 and 12: Automotive Technology; Technology Education 11 and 12: Carpentry and Joinery; Technology Education 11 and 12: Drafting and Design; Technology Education 11 and 12: Electronics; Technology Education 11 and 12: Industrial Design; Technology Education 11 and 12: Metal Fabrication and Machining; Technology Education 8 to 10; Tourism 11 and 12.

Be sure to choose the see-related-content-image icon  which will open up more programming under the subjects given above.  This also offers filters in the navigation on the left-hand side, by categories, subjects, language, age group, media type, closed captioning, etc.


These web links cover content pertaining to the applied skills on the BC Ministry website. To access these links go here.

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