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Check out these options for Art:

Artistic Pursuits Early Elementary K-3 Book 1

This book is sure to delight young children with over 185 colorful illustrations and great Master paintings. Lessons capture each child’s interests and imagination while introducing the fundamental principles of the visual arts. Parents read a simple ten-minute lesson with their child that includes art appreciation. Read more here. 

Artistic Pursuits Early Elementary 4-5 Book 1

This book is the answer for the child who wants to learn to draw more realistically but doesn’t know where to start. It incorporates the creative aspects of making art into each lesson. Students can begin this book without prior knowledge of art and work independently without the need for parental instruction. Children learn to see the elements of art in nature and in artwork by American masters. They will learn the techniques that artists use and produce a final work that requires assimilation of the knowledge gained in the three previous lessons within the unit.  Read more here.

Lifepac Art Complete set

From perspective and portraiture to carving and cartooning, here’s everything you need to guide your 12- to 18-year-olds in the study of art. This set includes 10 complete LIFEPACs, custom-designed for varying grade levels, plus a teacher’s guide. Students learn about colors and shading, drawing figures, sculpture, printmaking, comics, calligraphy, art appreciation, and more. No previous knowledge required. 1 Guide and 10 workbooks.

Art Adventures At Home Level 1

Art Adventures At Home is a complete art curriculum for parents of children in grades K-8. This volume, Level 1, contains over 100 step-by-step lessons that cover the foundations of art, written for children in grades K-2 (or older children without previous art experience). These lessons present the basic elements of art (line, shape, form, color, and texture) in five different units: drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, and crafts. Your child will enjoy many interesting projects, such as clay animals, pinch pots, portraits, vegetable prints, fingerpainting, and more!

Resources for Bible and Character Studies.

GrapeVine Studies: Esther, Gr. K-3

The unique method of introducing CORE Bible knowledge with the use of colored line drawings makes GrapeVine Studies easy-to-use for both teachers and students of all ages.  Each series is divided into weeklong units or sections of the story.  Day 1 of each unit begins with the introduction of a memory verse and a broad look at the Bible book and/or Biblical event in focus.  A simple time line using chronological order, color-coded stick figures and symbols, and short 2-3 word phrases is constructed by the teacher.  Students are encouraged to replicate this timeline on a reproducible worksheet.  This helps to establish a general framework of the entire story. Read more here.

Canadian Character Education 3-4 and 5-6 workbooks

Curriculum-based reproducible forms, checklists, information sheets, and other materials are so handy and readily available! 24 units cover topics such as Compassion, Honesty, Respect, Forgiveness etc. Includes worksheets and project ideas.

Quest – God’s Perfect Plan: Exploring Bible Prophecy from Genesis to Revelation

An exciting overview of all Bible prophecy including Messianic prophecies and fulfillment, other Old Testament prophecies, and an in-depth review of the Book of Revelation. Our Quest Series is designed with Jr. and Sr. High students in mind. This daily Bible study uses questions to help each student understand 1) what the Bible says, 2) what it means, and 3) how to apply it to his/her life. Questions are designed to help the student think, evaluate, understand, and apply what God is communicating through His Word. Notes are provided with each lesson to give deeper understanding and to communicate solid Biblical truths and principles. Each book contains thirty weeks of lessons with five lessons each week.

The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible Atlas

Help Your Child Explore the Wide World of the Bible. Based on the bestselling title, The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible, comes this amazing atlas that will help your child, age 8-12, learn more about the people, places, and events they encounter when reading the Bible.  Packed with hundreds of colorful pictures, detailed maps, and fun facts, your child will gain a greater understanding of God’s Word and be better able to visualize what they are reading, a key component in retaining the information they are studying. Read more here.

The used bookstore has books and curriculum from many of your favorite publishers:   A Beka, Saxon, Sonlight, RightStart Math, Tree of Life, and more at great savings! We have curriculum covering Math, Socials, Science, Language Arts, Health, Bible, and Art, as well as novels, (used by Sonlight, Tree of Life and others), and  hands-on manipulatives.

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