Art Resources

Art Resources in L4U, Overdrive, a Digital Art Resources list and Subscriptions

Here are a few of our art resources in L4U:

123 draw

We have a wide range of the 1-2-3 Draw books available, including: 1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Animals, Faces, People, Sea Critters, Knights, Castles and Dragons and Wildlife.

Artistic Pursuits

We have many of the levels of ARTistic Pursuits by Brenda Ellis. These are excellent books for those wanting an Art Curriculum.

Arty Facts

We have three of the Arty Facts series, including Animals, Plants and Structures and Materials. These are great for your crafty artists!

We have the Atelier Art Curriculum levels 2 and 5. These are a full year of art instruction on DVD’s.

Usborne Art

We have the Usborne Children’s Book of Art by Rosie Dickins which is a great resource for both art appreciation and art projects. We also have the Usborne Book of Art Projects, The Usborne Book of Art Skills and The Usborne Book of Art.

Discovering Great Artists

We have in L4U Discovering Great Artists by Mary-Ann Kohl. This book is for teaching young children about artists and then doing projects based on the artist.

Masterpiece of the Month

We also have Masterpiece of the Month – to help focus on a Masterpiece and activities based on it throughout the month.

My Art Book

My Art Book by DK Publishing is a great book for being inspired by artists and art projects. This book covers a wide range of artists and time frames of art.

There are many more art books and resources in L4U! This is only a small sampling.

Overdrive Resources available:

Science Arts

Science Arts, Scribble Art and Storybook Art all by Mary-Ann Kohl. There is also Discovering Great Artists available in several ebook formats.

Charlotte in Paris

The Charlotte Series with Joan McPhail Knight where Charlotte will introduce students to a wide variety of artists from different places in the world. We have Charlotte in Giverney, Charlotte in Paris and Charlotte in London in our Overdrive library.

Monet Paints a Day

Other great picture books in Overdrive include: Monet Paints the Day, I am an Artist, Pippo the Fool and Eric Sees Red and Green.

We also have Art a la Carte: First Nations for your First Nations Art Projects.

The Stories of the Mona Lisa

Don’t miss The Stories of the Mona Lisa which guides us through an imaginary museum about the history of art.

Graffiti Culture

Finally, if you are interested in Street Art – these two titles are for you: Graffiti Culture and Street Art.

Digital Art Resources (Thank you Sinead Roy for this great list!):

Digital Art Resources

Now, on to our Subscriptions:


First, I would consider using our subscription to Creativity Express. It is fun and engaging and teaches the fundamentals of art as well as art history.


Another great option is Discovery Education. You can find several art series, including:

Art Start, Art Tango, Discovering Fine Arts, History through Art and Painting Pictures just to name a few. You can take a look at this document for the grade level of the series.

Learn 360

Learn 360 has a variety of art related video series as well. Amazing Art Adventures, Art Bot, Creative Native, Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting, and Art with Joy – just to name a few.

Brain Pop

Brain Pop has a whole section on Art Concepts that would be helpful for your art students.

Enchanted Learning has many resources for Art Appreciation and art projects.


Finally, In the biographies section of Pebble Go there is a wide variety of biographies of artists including: Georgia O’Keefe, Leonardo Da Vinci, Walt Disney and more!

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