Atoms, Elements and Compounds Unit Study Kit Guide – Grade 9

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Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

Atoms, Elements and Compounds Unit Study Kit in L4U Library (login first)

 Materials in kitto be returned to HCOS:

Chemistry: Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter Expanding Science Skills Series by Barbara Sandall

Properties of Atoms & Molecules (God’s Design for Chemistry& Ecology) text and teacher supplement (with answers) as well as CD Rom from Answers in Genesis

Exploring Physical Science: Exploring Atoms and Molecules by Nigel Saunders (much of the “Information” in this unit comes from this book)

Basic Chemistry – book available online, with written information and videos embedded in it

Atoms Elements and Compounds Parent Guide and student pages are available for download in the L4U library record.

Other books available from HCOS library:

Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry Level I (for a slightly younger level, a good review)

Exploring the World of Chemistry: from ancient metals to high-speed computers by John Hudson Tiner

The Mystery of the Periodic Table by Benjamin Wiker

Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Chemistry by Jane Wertheim

The Usborne Internet-Linked Library of Science: Mixtures and Compounds  by Alastair Smith

What’s Chemistry All About?  By Alex Firth and Lisa Jane Gillespie

Another helpful book:

Exploring Physical Science: Exploring Chemical Reactions by Nigel Saunders

Atoms, Elements and Compounds Bibliography

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