Marvelous Maker Motivators!


HCOS students STEAM ahead!

It has been a jammed packed Maker- Ed time this year so far in the Heritage School Learning Commons. We have been able to accommodate between 10 – 20 students in the sessions and have a registered list of 31 students from grades 3-6, which is brilliant! It has been so encouraging and exciting to see the students engaged and excited about learning through many of the hands-on activities offered with the STEAM education in mind. If some of you do not know what STEAM is all about, it is teaching using various Maker-Ed resources covering subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. This year we were  able to introduce coding using Lego Wedo, Scratch , Blockly and Ezrobot which have been great additions to our resource library!

Lego mazes and coding.

It hasn’t always just been technology! The students have also had fun with craft sticks, pom poms and elastic bands. Researching how to build there own catapults!

Christmas Cain’s Cardboard Arcade Challenge.

Animation with Lego, mixed media and imotion.

Makey Makey and Lunch box conductors! Making music with electrical currents , vegetables and fruit.

Tunnel Books- for the love of the classics!We read the wonderful book by Oliver Jeffers, ” A Child of Books” to inspire the students to plan, design and create their own tunnel books using their imagination!

 Meet JD the ezrobot!

We talked about robot safety, servos , coding and programing. The students had lots of fun using blockly to program JD robot to dance, talk and exercise! JD was very accommodating and obedient!


We have two  maker sessions remaining this term. Google cardboard ( where the students will need to bring a smart phone) on Thursday May 24th and Chatterpix and self portraits on Thursday June 7th. If either of these appeal to your students don’t hesitate to email Justine Dehod at to register your grade3-6 students or if you have any questions about Maker-Ed.

Looking forward to the future of Maker-Education at Heritage!


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It’s time to be a maker! Being a ‘maker’ is to be innovative and creative. It is hands on learning , doing project work that is collaborative and fun.

Last semester HCOS students had a chance to learn about coding using Lego mazes,’Microbits’ and Lego Wedo. They were able to research and design their own catapults and build their own cardboard arcade games inspired by Cain’s Arcade Cardboard challenge. This semester the themes are a mixture of STEAM based activities using both technology and art.

If any of your grade 3-6 students are interested please email Justine Dehod at to register or if you have any queries.


Themes and dates for Maker-Ed Sessions this semester:


January 25th 2018: Animation Lego and mixed media.

February 22nd 2018: Makey Makey + Lunchbox conductors!

March 15th 2018: Tunnel Books- For the Love of the Classics!

April 19th 2018: Robotic Coding+ Programming.

May 24th 2018: Google Cardboard! ( Please bring an iphone).

June 7th 2018: Self Portraits+ Chatterpix + Quiver!

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All sessions are held at Heritage Christian School’s Learning Common’s Library on 907 Badke Road, Kelowna from 1:30pm- 3:30pm ( unless otherwise stated).

Maker-Ed is Back for 2017/2018!

We at the Learning Commons are excited about this coming year for Maker-Ed and hope you are too! We have some old favorites such as K’Nex , Makey Makey and Keva Planks along side some new additions with Lego coding and Robotics! The sessions will take place in the HCS Learning Commons on Thursdays 1:30pm- 3:30pm( unless otherwise stated) for students from grade 3 to grade 7. If you would like to register your student or have any inquiries please email Justine Dehod at

Maker-Ed Sessions and Dates.

  • October 12th 2017 ,1:30-3:30pm : Lego Mazes and Lego We Do!
  • October 26th 2017, 1:30-3:30pm: Catapults and Ramps!
  • November 2nd , 9th and 16th 2017, 2:30-4:30pm:’ Microbits ‘Learning Camp!
  • December 14th 2017, 1:30-3:30pm: Paper Bridges+ Trash Tower Building!
  • January 25th 2018′ 1:30-3:30pm: Animation Lego and Mixed Media.
  • February 22nd 2018, 1:30-3:30pm: Makey Makey + Lunchbox Conductors!
  • March 15th 2018, 1:30-3:30pm: Tunnel Books- For the Love of the Classics!
  • April 19th 2018, 1:30-3:30pm: Robotic coding+programming
  • May 24th 2018, 1:30-3:30pm: Google Cardboard + Virtual Reality!
  • June 7th 2018, 1:30-3:30pm : Self Portraits + Chatterpix + Quiver!

Maker-Ed Update!

Two Friday Sessions Left this Semester!

Keva planks: Chutes and Tunnels! Friday April 21st 2017 9-11am

Makey Makey: Friday May 12th 2017 9-11am

If any of your students from grade 3- grade 7 are interested in attending these sessions please email Justine Dehod at to register or if you have any inquiries.

MAKER-ED 2017!

Dates for the up and coming Maker-Ed sessions.

January 27th 9-11: Claymation ( please bring a shoe box for each student)

February 17th 9-11: Rube Goldberg Contraption- using marbles, string, KEVA planks and cardboard ramps.

March 10th 9-11: 2D-3D Design- Pinwheels and Flowers!

April 21st 9-11: KEVA -Chutes and Tunnels!

May 12th 9-11: Makey Makey!

If you would like to register any of your students in Grade 3 to 6 please email Justine Dehod at .

Maker- Ed Highlights this semester.


K’Nex Car Building Challenge October 2016.


Design work first.

Which K’Nex design will travel the furthest?

Way to go Maker-Ed designers!


Thank you Jesus for being a constant gift and presence in our lives. May all of you experience His love and Joy this Christmas time and in 2017!maker-ed-sessions-novdec-2016-908



Heritage Christian School is announcing it’s ” Be a Superhero” fundraiser for Kitale children in Kenya. Throughout the month of November all students are challenging themselves and others to find ways they can raise money to buy shoes, food and clinic supplies for kids in Africa. Every dollar raised goes directly to Building Beyond Borders mission that the on campus school supports every year. The link to their blog is 

Each class will be creating their own superhero  and presenting their superhero on stage Wednesday November 23rd at the Heritage Christian School in Kelowna.

We thought we would open this challenge up to our Heritage Christian online School students too!  So if you are a local co-op or family that would like to participate or get more information about this fun mission just email Justine Dehod at



Friday October 28th 2016 is the date for our next Maker-Ed session in the Heritage School Learning Commons.

If any of your students from grades 3-6 are interested please email Justine Dehod at to register for the next session or sessions.

Our last Maker-Ed session was a great success with lots of creativity and enjoyment!

 Just to let everyone know that the following Maker-Ed sessions are November 25, 9-11am:   KEVA Brain Builders ( 2D – 3D) and December 9, 9-11 am : KEVA Architecture.


Maker-Ed 2016-2017

HCOS  physical learning commons presents free Maker-Ed sessions  in the blended commons on campus on the Friday dates shared below.

HCOS and campus Students in grades 3-6 may attend.

These sessions are run by Jessie (Makered librarian) and Justine (campus librarian).  These will also be advertised on the HCOS Facebook page as each event is planned.  Please register with Justine by emailing her  She will email a confirmation in case the date of activity has changed. 


September 30, 9-11am: Cardboard Arcade   (prepare by watching: Cain’s Arcade on YouTube)

October 28, 9-11 am: K’nex Building Simple Machines, Preview or Demo: Little Bits

November 25, 9-11am:     2D – 3D design:  KEVA Brain Builders

December 9, 9-11am:  KEVA Architecture

January 27, 9-11am: Claymation Using iPads  ( bring your own shoe box)

February 17, 9-11am: Rube Goldberg ContraptionUsing Marbles, string, KEVA planks,        cardboard ramps

March 1, 9-11am: 2D – 3D design:  Pinwheel and Flower Design

April 21, 9-11am : KEVA Chutes and Tunnels with balls

Demo:  Cubelets

May 12, 9-11am: Makey Makey Using Chromebooks

June 2:  tba




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