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New Grade 7 Physical Unit Studies in L4U!

Chemistry: Matter and Elements Unit Studyelements

Dive into the complex world of chemicals, compounds, elements, reactions, and crystals. This kit will serve as a terrific introduction to the remarkable world of chemistry. Design your own experiment, grow crystals, create amazing chemical reactions, analyze unknown substances, and much more!


Creation and Evolution Unit Studyearth

This unit is designed to explore the various perspectives on the creation of life on earth. Students will be able to grapple with challenging books, conduct research, and develop and support their own opinions and understandings, all while completing engaging projects and activities. Become a philosopher, design and build an ecosystem, engineer a biodome, and explore God’s fascinating creation!


Energy and Electromagnetism  Unit Studyelectro

There is an entire world of energy out there just waiting to be explored! This unit will introduce students to the fascinating world of renewable energy sources, as well as the concept of electromagnetism. Build your own electromagnet, become an engineer and solve a global power challenge, design a new energy source, build a solar oven, and much more!


Fossil Record and Climate Change Unit Studyfos

Did you know that our earth is home to billions of fossils? This unit will introduce students to the fossil record, climate changes through time, and the incredible biodiversity on our beautiful planet. Explore our world through experimenting, researching, reading, viewing, and creating! Become a travel agent to the past, bring fossils to life, and even try creating your own fossils!
This engaging unit features a variety of excellent digital and physical resources which look into the amazing world of fossils, as well as exploring the eras in which these fossils walked the earth. Students will be invited to explore this subject through reading, interactive assignments, videos, games and websites. They will conduct research, defend their beliefs, and practice writing strong, well-supported opinion pieces.

These unit studies are available to book for 7 weeks in L4U.  Book early to avoid disappointment!

Last Chance to ORDER or BUY!

LAST CHANCE~ to order books for the summer and/or buy curriculum on sale!

Go to L4U to order your summer reading! Remember to add your shipping days, so if you are 5 shipping days away, you need to book your item for June 30th or the system will say the item is not available. It will show dates that are available:


Buy! Great deals on books and curriculum.

Friday, June 23rd is the last day to put in your orders!



More Curriculum for sale!

Check out the deals!  Some items are older, good for supplementing but will not cover new standards on their own.  Shipping is free with orders from the library!  Pay with student funds or via Paypal.  Contact Shandra Wiebe swiebe@onlineschool.ca

Link:  Curriculum Sale

Homeschool Philosophies & Encouragement

Summer Reading for Parents!

If you are new to homeschooling or just need to gain some new perspectives and be refreshed, we have books for you!  Take some time to read up on different methods of teaching so you can make adjustments to your learning plans. Take time to be refreshed and inspired so you can motivate your students!

We have some awesome resources available:

Books by some of our Keynote Speakers at past CHEC conventions:

The Ultimate guide to homeschooling by Debra Bell

A manual for every family involved in home-based learning. Provides vision for the joys of homeschooling and the essential tools for success. Includes teaching middle and high school, guide to internet and technology, six ingredients of a successful homeschool, resources for curriculum suppliers, creative solutions for burnout, budgets, toddlers and time.

The Well-trained mind by Susan Wise Bauer

Offers parents step-by-step instructions for helping their child make the most of their education from preschool through high school, while becoming well-rounded and curious about learning.

Charlotte Mason companion :  by Karen Andreola

This book on Charlotte Mason’s philosophy by well-known speaker and columnist K. Andreola provides a wealth of insight, practical advice and narratives illustrating how the ideas of the famed turn-of-the-century educator actually works in “real life”. Discover the gentle art of learning using methods that help your child succeed.

If I’m diapering a watermelon, then where’d I leave the baby? :
help for the highly distractible mom  by Carol Barnier

At last, a gloriously unregimented mom shares stories and strategies that help other highly distractible moms run a genuine, joyful, and successful home and homeschool! This books offers lots of practical tools to keep chaos at bay, and helps moms develop their strongest qualities – qualities that perhaps have been seen as weaknesses. Best of all, you will find new reasons to be excited about who you are, and you will discover how the qualities you possess are true gifts from God that make you a real asset to your family. Learn how working with your personality traits instead of constantly fighting against them makes it possible for you to: keep track of items that get lost at the worst possible moment, actually arrive on time or even early, access whatever information you need whenever you need it, limit the pesky interruptions that get you off task, get stuff to organize itself so you have more time to spend with your family, and organize and run a “delight-driven” home and/or homeschool.

homeschool books

 More great books:

I Hate School by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias

What can you do when your child hates school? Your child is unique, with a personal learning style that needs to be understood and respected. Filled with practical applications and insights as commonsense as they are revolutionary.

The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child by Linda Dobson

This book on Charlotte Mason’s philosophy by well-known speaker and columnist K. Andreola provides a wealth of insight, practical advice and narratives illustrating how the idea of the famed turn-of-the-century educator actually works in “real life”. Discover the gentle art of learning using methods that help your child succeed.

Homeschooling High School by Jeanne Gowen Dennis

You can design a solid high school program that both maximizes educational freedom and leads to successful college admission.

Educating the wholehearted child :  a handbook for Christian home education  by             Clarkson, Clay.

“God did not forget to include “school” in his biblical design for raising children: home education is a natural expression of all that God intended for parents and their children. Clay and Sally Clarkson’s Educating the WholeHearted Child is about rediscovering God’s original design for the family. What you’ll find in this book is a homeschooling model that makes sense. It’s an approach that is based on sound biblical principles of nurture, discipleship, instruction, and learning.


This is just a small sampling of what we have on the shelves.

You can find more of our resources by logging into L4U and clicking on the TOPIC SEARCH tab.

Then click on the 001 Resources icon and scroll through the list to the Home Education Icon.



The Home Education icon lists 95 books related to this topic! Be sure to check out all of the other lists like Apologetics, Character, Manners and Values, and Novel studies!

Homeschool catalogues are a great resource.  If you see a title you are interested in, search for it in our library.  If we have it, you can check it out instead of buying it!  If we don’t have it and you think we should, let us know!

Forgot how to book resources?  Find that information here!



Booking for Summer/Next School Year

If you recently enrolled or have reenrolled, you can now book for the summer as well as for the whole school year!  This means you can plan your year and book unit studies and curriculum for 7 week loan periods in advance! (We don’t loan items out for a whole year).  And it’s best to do so because the unit study kits are very popular.  It’s also a good idea to be flexible with your plans so if your kit is not available you can switch to a different one or use other resources. Please reserve kits for specific dates or you may not receive it!

  • If you have not re-enrolled, ALL library items are due back in the library by June 16th, 2017.
  • Last date for booking items to be shipped to you for the summer is June 23rd.
  • There is a limit of 35 items including:  books, up to 3 Unit Study kits and 8 AV items per family.  Going on a trip?  Check out our books on CD, and our selection of DVDs!

Take some time this summer to learn more about what L4U has to offer:  Supplemental Packs,  Unit Studies, Homeschool Methods and Philosophies,  Socio-emotional book lists, curriculum, books and so much more!  Many of these topics can be found in the L4U Topic Search, 001 Resources Icon.

We also have other Topic Searchs such as 002 Books by Subject and 003 Special Education Icons:


Not sure how to place bookings?  Go here to learn how!

GRADS! Money for College/University!

Heritage Christian Online School Parent Action Committee is pleased to offer ten scholarship/bursary opportunities of $1000.00 each for ten graduating Heritage Christian Online School students for 2017 in the following categories. We encourage all students who are pursuing further education to apply!  The deadline is drawing near and the PAC would like to give out all 10 scholarships/bursaries!!

grad1) SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT – Two Scholarships
3) AUSTIN JONES MEMORIAL AWARD – One Bursary -“Graduating while enduring difficult circumstances through reliance on the Lord’s grace and enabling.”

4) OVERCOMING GREAT ADVERSITY – One Bursary (graduating while overcoming great adversity i.e. health issues, difficult life situations, SE)
7) TRADES – Two Bursaries

*Depending on the number of applications and the categories they fall within, the PAC reserves the right to adjust the number of scholarships/bursaries in each category. For example, if we receive more applications for Trades and none for other categories, we may award more bursaries in the Trades category.

The following criteria must be met and items submitted to the HCOS PAC by the due date of May 31, 2017.  Please fill in the application form  and then email documents to:

HCOS PAC Scholarships and Bursaries
Attn: Joanna Imoo

Resources for Sale!

We have some great curriculum for sale!  Save money on these gently used items. Some are brand new!  All about Reading, All about Spelling and RightStart Math along with others! Payment: PO numbers, credit card via Paypal.

Here is the link to all of the great deals:   Items for Sale!

Contact Shandra Wiebe swiebe@onlineschool.ca


What are Supplemental Packs?

Everyone is familiar with the HCOS unit study kits, but the Learning Commons also offers supplemental packs in L4U.  In fact, we have 154 different packs!  So, just what might you find if you searched the Supplemental Packs list?  A whole lot of great resources for grades 1 through 12, such as:

Library Unit Studies!

All Unit Studies are available in both physical format through L4U, and in digital format through Overdrive.  View all units here: Unit Study Kits


Daily and Seasonal Changes Unit Study Gr. KSpring

The Reason for Seasons – Gail Gibbons
Fantastic Gifts of Fall – Dandi Daley Mackall
Super Gifts of Spring – Dandi Daley Mackall
Wonderful Gifts of Winter – Dandi Daley Mackall
Animals in Fall: Preparing for Winter by Rustad, Martha E

This unit includes some lovely Christian books by Dandi Daley Mackall. Your child will enjoy learning about the seasons, weather, and how animals and plants are affected by the changes. Make a Cloud Jar or a wind chime…so many activities to choose from!

Light and sound unit study Gr. 1light

1. Usborne Light, Sound, Electricity by Kirsteen Rogers, Phillip Clarke, Alastair Smith and Corinne Henderson.
2. Scholastic Sound and Light by Pan Canadian Science Place
3. Fun Science with Toys Light & Sound
4. What are Light Waves? By Robin Johnson
5. Energy:Heat,Light,and Fuel by Darlene R. Stille
6. Hands-on kit:  2 Prisms,  2 Convex Lenses, 2 Concave Lenses, Primary colored paddles, Tuning fork

Learn about sources and properties of light and sound using prisms, lenses and a tuning fork!
There are many exciting experiments to choose from as well as activities like making a suncatcher.

Forces Unit Study Gr. 2Forces2

Move it! by Adrienne Mason
Forces Make Things Move by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Kit Containing various magnets

This hands-on unit includes magnets so the student can learn about force and motion. Create a marble run or try pendulum painting. Make Lego cars to compare force and distance. Such a fun way to learn!

Solids, liquids, and gases unit study Gr. 4matter

1. The Solid Truth about States of Matter by Agnieszka Biskup
2. Junk Drawer Chemistry by Bobby Mercer
3. Chemistry Matters – AIM (PDF booklet)

Chemistry concepts such as phases of matter, changes in phases, and how temperature affects matter are covered in this unit. Your student will enjoy the variety of experiments included. Who doesn’t love making a volcano? Or playing with GAK?

Discovering Canada’s Governments Gr. 5 Unit Studycdn govt

Canada’s Government by Daniel Francis
Canada’s Maple Leaf by Ann-Maureen Owens
Our Country, Our Parliament by Parliament of Canada
Who Runs this Country Anyway? by Joanne Stanbridge

What do you know about the government of Canada? How does it work? How is it different from the government of the United States? How is the Canadian government different from the government of other countries in the world? Who is the head of the Canadian government? Do you know which political party they belong to? How is the Prime Minister elected? These and more questions will be explored from a Christian viewpoint.

Solar system unit study Gr. 6space6

Our Universe by Debbie and Richard Lawrence
Our Universe Teacher Supplement
Amazing Solar System Projects by Delano Lopez
Space Encyclopedia by David Aguilar
All the Stars in the Sky by CJ Taylor

Explore our solar system! Planets, moons, asteroids, comets and more! There are many fascinating videos to watch and excellent projects to choose from. The Aurora Borealis chalk pastels picture is a favourite!

Two NEW unit studies for Gr. 5 & 6!

World Government and Economics Gr. 6 Unit Studydownload

1. Governments Around the World by Heinemann Library
2. What is Trade? by Carolyn Andrews
3. What is Importing and Exporting? by Carolyn Andrews
4. What is Scarcity of Resources? by Jessica Cohn
5. Land Use by Janice L. Redlin
6. Avoiding Hunger and Finding Water by Andrew Langley
7. Using STEM to Investigate Alternative Energy by Barbara R. Sandall
8. Using STEM to Investigate Issues in Food Production by Barbara R. Sandall
9. Parent Guide

This informative unit covers different systems of government, economic policies and resource management, globalization and trade.
Rather than being divided by day, the unit plan uses the key questions to breakdown content, activities, and experiences.

Human Rights, Immigration and Discrimination unit study Gr. 5humanrights

1. As Long as the River Flows by Larry Loyie
2. Caged Eagles by Eric Walters
3. Coming to Canada by Susan Hughes
4. The Kids Book of Canadian Immigration by Deborah Hodge
5. Our New Home: Immigrant Children Speak by Emily Hearn
6. My Name is Seepeetza by Shirley Sterling
7. Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker
8. White Jade Tiger by Julie Lawson
9. Parent Guide

Learn about immigrants who came to Canada and their contributions to Canada’s development, as well as the discrimination they faced. Japanese internment camps, residential schools and the underground railroad will be covered along with discussion about Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

These unit studies are available for booking in L4U!

Homeschool Convention!

CHEC adcolor1

Save the dates!  Visit BC Convention to register!  Earlybird deadline is March 31st!

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