The Dot by Peter H, Reynolds is the story of a girl, Vashti, who thinks she can’t draw. Her teacher encourages her in ways that show her she can do anything that she puts her mind to, and teaches her how to believe in herself. The Dot by Peter H Reynolds

Watch ‘The Dot: Read along’ here.

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These are important lessons to learn, and it is especially helpful for students to have this mindset at the beginning of the school year.

“The story of The Dot inspired ‘International Dot Day’, which is September 15th annually. This day was started by teacher Terry Shay in 2009 in the hopes of promoting creativity, bravery, and self-expression, based on the themes in the book. Just a quick search of the hashtag #dotday will show classrooms all over the world demonstrating how they have ‘made their mark’ in a unique way through the creation of a dot.” – Education Closet 

You and your students can join in the fun! Read along with the story and talk about the book:

  • How did Vashti feel at the start of the book?
  • How did the teacher help Vashti?
  • What did Vashti learn through art?
  • How did Vashti use what she had learned to help others?
  • How can these lessons apply to other aspects of life?


Create a dot art project. This could be made in one colour or many colours, with paint, pens, pencils or stamps. It could be one huge dot or lots of little ones. You could even make a dot, like Vashti did in the book, by leaving your dot blank and coloring all around it. I have even made dot art by testing all of the pens and markers in my art supplies box so that I know if I need to buy more for the school year or not.

You can do all of this on your own or join in with others online. Peter H. Reynolds invites you to register with International Dot Day:

  • Follow Dot Day on Twitter (!
  • Visit the Dot Day Facebook page ( to see what others are doing and to share what you are doing on International Dot Day and every day.
  • Use the hashtags #DotDay#Makeyourmark. to share your art with others and pass on the inspiration.


Have Fun!!!