Overview: BC’s New Curriculum

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As of September 2016 K-9 students will transition over to the new curriculum care of the BC Ministry website.  In September 2017 students in grades 10-12 will transition over to the new curriculum.  Tools will be added to the Ministry website here on an ongoing basis to help educators understand the journey.

GREAT NEWS!  The Learning Commons Team has completed the BC Ed Plan K-9 Resources Page.  You will want to check it out!!   (You can also click on the link in the navigation to the right.)

As we begin this journey together we are hoping to educate you along the way with our own tools and tips to help you learn how to best support your students with these changes. Watch this short 4 minute video by principal Bruce Hildebrandt, on the reasons why we are moving to a new curriculum here.


We are excited to launch off with new digital and non digital kits (resources) for all grades in K-6 by August and 7-9 coming in the fall.  To find our science and social study  unit kits for the new curriculum go to this page here.

To discover our online courses please go here.

You can also find resources at the ERAC site :

Choose “Curriculum Connection” at the ERAC site http://bcdc.bcerac.ca/, as described in the email below, and scroll down to find lesson topics and connections to digital resources available to you. Choose “Access” for a direct link to the subscriptions we have as a school.

Go to http://k12.bcerac.ca/ to view the K-12 ERAC Resource Collection (with a new, improved search page) to read descriptions and reviews of the resources available.

To find resources care of Overdrive E Book library for non kit materials go here.

To see all the new standards, competencies, and curricular competencies go to this page here.

To find more videos and webinars on the new plan check on our How do I tab  and the recordings page on our learning commons website.  Here you will find information on the new BCEdPlan and curriculum, and video updates on Inquiry, MakerEd, First Peoples content, and how to locate resources in our learning commons.


  1.  Your teacher will work with you to share more on the process of developing a student learning plan that incorporates the aspects of the new BCEdPlan.
  2. Use the curriculum planning document shared below to plan your year.
  3. Find resources using the HCS learning commons website or contact learning commons staff.

HCOS Unit Planning – BC Ed Plan

Kit Planning document

Research template

Science Rubric



Our STEAM teacher mentors will be launching parent and student workshops in the fall. These workshops will be inquiry based and we look forward to sharing more about their ideas soon!  If you are wanting to know more about their programs feel free to email the mentors as shared below.

Mentors and areas they support:

Mark Lamden– Northern Vancouver Island and Sunshine coast.  Parent and student Applied Design workshops and learning camps including Lego Mindstorms and robotics.  Students in grades 7,8,9 and parents may also find out more about Mark’s TECHLAB online course, which integrates Technology, Engineering, Applied Design, English Language Arts and Bible on this page.


Steve Bastian-Vancouver Island FLITE program students and parents.  Here are some marketing posters sharing his upcoming workshops for the region. 3D printing Drones and 3D printing basic.

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Shannon Beglaw– Interior and Kelowna.   MakerEd workshops for students and parents in the fall 2017 including Microbits workshops and robotics in the learning commons..  Shannon is also running a Science IMT course for grade 8 in second semester.  This flipped class utilizing digital resources and inquiry based learning, is written for the new curriculum in BC.  This course is modular, so it can be taken with or without other IMT courses.  Meeting times are Thursday 10am-11:15am, with the possibility of a second meeting if there is sufficient need.  For more information go here.

Sarah Zuidhof Kamloops and Salmon Arm.  Sarah will be running workshops on robotics.

Kathy Whittome– Lower mainland, Cubelets robotics workshop and teacher/parent training.

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Pippa Davies– Virtual Inquiry book clubs and STEAM k-3.  Workshops to help students and parents understand research/MakerEd process.

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