Introduction to Canadian Government


Welcome! In fifth grade British Columbia students study the Canadian government and all of its various levels. Government can often be an intimidating subject to teach and there is often a question of what resources to use in order to make the study both engaging and effective. The purpose of this unit plan is to remove the intimidation factor and provide a fun and informative introduction to Canada’s government. After completing this unit students will have an excellent understanding of the Canadian government and how it works. Students will have the opportunity to create hands-on projects, watch videos, read interesting books, create a presentation and produce written work. This unit is designed to address many of the learning outcomes for fifth grade, it is scheduled to be completed over five weeks, however, you should feel free to extend the duration of the unit to best suit your family. Prior to beginning this unit I encourage you to place an order for a Teacher Kit about the Canadian Parliamentary System from the Government of Canada. These kits are free to order and will help to enhance your study of the Canadian government. If possible, considering visiting a local government building. I hope you enjoy the time you spend learning more about our fascinating country!

Canadian Government: Digital Kit

Digital Resources for Use With This Kit:

Note: you are only able to borrow three books at a time from the HCOS digital library. Once you have returned Political Systems, Structures and Elections by Kris Graupe you will be able to take out Canadian Government by Brenda Rollins.

Canadian Government Digital Kit Grade 5 Parent Guide

Canadian Government by Brenda Rollins

Canadian Government and Elections by Kris Graupe

Political Systems, Structures, and Functions by Britannica Educational Publishing

How Does the Canadian Government Work? by Ellen Aloian

Online Resources:

Discovery Education

Additional Information:

Discovery Education has a password. You will need to email your child’s teacher for the login information for Discovery Education.

On the next several pages you will find a table with a summary of the reading for each day. After the table you will find detailed day plans with links, videos, activities, and discussion questions.

Please Note: I encourage you to read all of these books with your child to address any questions they may arise. I believe this is of particular importance with Political Systems, Structures, and Functions, as it is written at a slightly higher level than the other material.

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