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Let’s assume you’re working away on making sure you have the curriculum you need for your students… when you suddenly come to a component that says, “Career Education” and your brain stops working.  What in the world do they want for Career Education?  What do they MEAN by Career Education?  How can you manage to find material that will meet that requirement?

I am here to tell you about a new resource that will answer your needs!  We have created a Career Education page in the Learning Commons.  This page gives you an introduction, goals, and an overview of the areas that Career Education should cover.  Like this, for example:

Career Education diagram 2016-08-16

Looking at a chart like that will not answer all your questions. so you will need to scroll down the page to find the links to “Resources for Career Education” for Grades K-3, 4-5, 6-7 or 8-9.  On those pages you will find more explanations of the “Big Ideas” and “Curricular Competencies” that are expected.  Better yet, you will find all kinds of Resources from OverDrive (the digital or eBook collection), from L4U (the campus library) and, below that, from the subscriptions HCOS offers.

If Career Education is the area in which you need help, go to Career Education Resources and you will find the help you need.  BUT…  if you are looking for help related more to a particular grade, you need to go to this icon on the right side of all the Learning Commons pages:Resources for BC's New Curriculum

It will take you to BC’s New Curriculum: Resources for Each Grade.  This is the most amazing resource we offer to help you with meeting your students’ learning needs year by year.  (And it has Career Education information, as well.)

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