Big Changes on OverDrive!

Good News! We now have the capacity for many more menus on OverDrive, and we’ve made some major changes, investing significant time making improvements to the way you search our collections.

First of all, take a look at our all-new “Curriculum” tab…




New Curriculum Tab

All the subject lists by grade reside here!  So, instead of searching through all the titles in our former “Grades 2/3 Titles for BC’s New Curriculum” curation, for example, you’ll now see a screen that looks like this:




New Collections Lists

New to our “Collections” tab are CORE COMPETENCIES curations and much more!  Take a look at some of the new collections we’ve been working on.



The new capacity for multiple lists in this “Collections” tab opens up many new opportunities to share curated lists with you to meet your needs.

We’re incredibly excited to be launching these improvements to serve you better!  There are still a few tweaks and additions that we’ll be making over the next few weeks, and so if you have any suggestions for us, or if you are having trouble finding what you’re looking for, your Learning Commons Team is here to support you!



New Resources for Grades 8 and 9

Many of you are already planning what resources you will be using for the fall, so we thought it would be the perfect time to let you know that we’ve got even more available to you for Grades 8 and 9 than ever before!

Updated Grade Level Pages

These pages have been organized by grade AND subject to make it easy for you to find available resources.

Simply go to our Learning Commons website, hover your mouse over the “BC’s New Curriculum” tab on the lower menu, and select “Resources by Grade“.

How to find Grade pages

You will find new offerings in ADST, Arts, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and more!  Here is the new Grade 8 Resources page, and the new Grade 9 Resources page.

Other K-9 Resources by Grade pages can be found here.

Updated Overdrive Digital Library e-Book Lists

It is really easy to find all the wonderful digital resources available to you through our Overdrive eBook Library.

Just go to our Learning Commons website, hover your mouse over “Overdrive Digital Library” in the top menu bar, and then select “Grade Level Lists“.

How to find audiobooks

We’ve just purchased a ton of new resources, and we’ve organized our Grade 8 and 9 Science and Socials titles according to the new curriculum “Big Ideas” to make things even more convenient for you!

Grade 8 ScienceGrade 8 Socials

Grade 9 ScienceGrade 9 Socials

All Overdrive eBook Library K-9 Grade Level Lists can be found here.


New Gr. 7 Digital and Physical Unit Study Kits Available Now!

Looking for a way to finish up that last Science and/or Socials Unit in this last semester? These Unit Study Kits provide tons of content and lots of options for interacting with the material in fun and engaging ways.  Unit Studies are available in both physical format through L4U, or in digital format using Overdrive e-books.

Grade 7 Socials

Ancient Egypt Civilization Digital Unit Study Kit

Ancient Greece Civilization Digital Unit Study Kit

Stay tuned:  More Grade 7 Socials Kits coming soon!



Grade 7 Science Digital Unit Study Kits

Creation and Evolution Digital Unit Study

Matter and Elements Digital Unit Study

Fossil Record and Climate Change Digital Unit Study

Energy and Electromagnetism Digital Unit Study Kit


Grade 7 Science Physical Unit Study Kits

Available from L4U Library

Fossil Record and Climate Change Physical Unit Study Kit

Creation and Evolution Physical Unit Study Kit COMING SOON!

Matter and Elements Physical Unit Study Kit COMING SOON!

Energy and Electromagnetism Physical Unit Study Kit COMING SOON!









Client Codes and PINS for L4U Library and Overdrive

As we prepare for the new school year, we are receiving lots of requests for access to the L4U library, which offers books, curriculum and unit study kits, and Overdrive, our E-library which also offers curriculum and books!

If you had an account with us last year, your client code and pin remain unchanged.

If you are new to HCOS, you will receive your client code and pin in an email sent from L4U. It is important that you add L4U to your safe senders list and/or check your JUNK folder for the info. Your students will also receive emails – the email is sent to the email address supplied by you when you enrolled them. We will be adding new patrons weekly until October, so please watch for the email!

One client code/pin – TWO libraries!

Important Notes:
1. Only one LIBRARY account is set up per family, under the parent’s name. However each parent and student will be sent a client code and password. Students cannot book items in the physical library; all items must be booked through the parent account. However, Students can access e-books through Overdrive!
2. SAVE your new client code and pin! *You can log in using your LAST NAME instead of the client code!!
3. To learn how to use the new L4U system and learn about our shipping guidelines, visit: How to use the library.
4. Go to the library webpage at L4U library and log in.
5. You can access Overdrive details here: Overdrive
6. Please don’t hesitate to contact Shandra Wiebe regarding the L4U library or Pippa Davies should you have any queries regarding the E Library.

Ten reasons to Listen to Audiobooks!!

The top 10 reasons to listen to audiobooks this month from Overdrive Blog!

June is Audiobook Month! Audiobooks are enjoyed by millions of people around the world but if you’ve never listened to one, now is the perfect time to try them. Just like eBooks are a great complement to printed titles, audiobooks are excellent for when you aren’t able to physically read a book.

With that in mind, we’d like to offer our top ten reasons to listen to audiobooks this month.

1) Multitasking– If it were up to us we’d spend just about every waking moment reading. Unfortunately that’s not possible. However, there are countless times during the day that you can use audiobooks to keep “reading with your ears.” Many jobs come with mindless hours of data entry or filing, so make those hours fly by with an audiobook!

2) Beating traffic- If I actually thought about the amount of time I used to spend sitting in traffic mindlessly flipping through channels on the radio I might start crying. Thankfully, now I spend all that time enjoying audiobooks through my car’s Bluetooth.

3) Narrators & author readings bring characters to life in ways your mind may not be able. In fact, audiobook lovers will often search out titles based entirely on who is narrating the book. A good narrator can create an entire world with just their emphasis and vocal talents.

4) Exercising –As a fan of distance running I can tell you that I’m always searching for something to listen to so those miles and hours don’t seem so daunting. Insert audiobooks. What better way to enjoy a jog, walk or trip to the gym then 1hearing a new book! Audiobooks help pass the time and they let you work out your mind as well as your body!

5) SYNC- SYNC is a program that lasts all summer long where you can download two free audiobooks every single week! Just like titles you borrow from your library these audiobooks are free, and they are also yours to keep! Discover new audiobooks all summer long at

6) Better comprehension– A quick Google search will yield countless articles about how audiobooks are a wonderful tool to improve reading comprehension for young readers, students with disabilities and foreign language learners. While audiobooks can indeed help you learn a new language, they can also help you absorb a particularly difficult title in your own tongue as well. Listen to the audiobook version while reading the eBook and you’ll better understand the flow of the story and sentence structure than with the book alone.

7) Bed time stories- One of the best parts of being a kid is having someone read you a story as you drift off to sleep. It puts your mind at ease and is a peaceful way to end the day. With the OverDrive app you can experience that joy once more! Listen to an audiobook in bed and set the sleep timer so you don’t miss anything after you doze off and relish the nostalgia of a new age bed time story.

8) Chores – Whether you’re 8 or 80 you likely have some chores you need to accomplish every day. Regardless if its yard work, cleaning or running errands you can pass that time much more quickly by putting an audiobook on w/ your headphones or through Bluetooth devices.

9) A new perspective– One of the best things about reading is that it enables you to create new worlds in your mind. You’re able to travel endless distances without leaving your couch. What’s great about audiobooks is that it allows you to do the same but with a narrator emphasizing different details that you may not have. This new perspective can expand your imagination further than you thought possible.

10) Tackling long titles and TBR lists– It seems like every day there’s a new “must read” title released and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the books you want to read. Let audiobooks help you catch up by allowing you to “read when you can’t read.” At bedtime, in traffic, and while performing mundane tasks are just a few of the times you can enjoy audiobooks. Not only will it provide you entertainment, but you’ll find that you’re finishing more books than you ever before.

Adam Sockel is a Marketing Communications Specialist at OverDrive and a big fan of lists.

Check out our great list of audiobooks on our E library site!



Get a Read on This: Libraries Bridging the Digital Divide: Andrew Roskill at TEDxCharleston – YouTube

See on Scoop.itLibrary Web 2.0 skills

A serial entrepreneur and a digital community advocate, who is founder and CEO of BiblioLabs, a software and media company focused on helping libraries provi…

Pippa Davies @PippaDavies ‘s insight:

How do we make libraries better?  We need software that is easy to use, engaging and immediately accessible.  We also need to be actively advocating for our libraries!  Enter the learning commons which does just that.  As we move into a new age of libraries it is good to evaluate what we are doing right and what we need to improve on.  Of course no ways can we compete with Google and Amazon 🙂  But we are FREE!  and that you cannot BEAT!  So in terms of economy we are bridging the digital divide in terms of poverty!

See on

Congratulations to the following winners in our Missions Based Readathon!

Highest minutes per class winners – Prize $20 Amazon Gift Certificate:

Mikayla Watson Gr. K
Zane MacDonald Gr. 1
Jaden Myles Gr. 2
Aiden Watson Gr. 3
Kinley Friesen Gr. 4
AngusTrombley Gr. 5
Chloe Urbanowski Gr. 6

Highest Reading Score for Grades 7 – 10 Winner

Kennedy MacInnis Gr. 10

Prize $100 Amazon Gift Certificate:

Kiev McDonald Gr. 6 – Highest reading score for Elementary Grades 1-6

Kona Mcdonald Gr. 7– Highest reading score for High School Grades 7- 10

Winner of the Fundraising – All schools, Prize $50 Amazon Gift Certificate

Jeremiah Cooper – HCS, he raised $205.00

Wonderopolis | Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease

See on Scoop.itLibrary Web 2.0 skills

Welcome to Wonderopolis®, a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Brought to life by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), our Wonders of the Day® will help you find learning moments in everyday life—ones that fit in with dinner preparations, carpool responsibilities, a stolen moment between breakfast and the bus, or within school curriculum and education programs.

Wonder is for everyone. It can happen anywhere and at anytime. Connecting the learning we do in our schools, our homes, and our communities, Wonderopolis walks the line between formal and informal education. Each day, we pose an intriguing question and explore it in a variety of ways. Our approach both informs and encourages new questions, sparking new paths of wonder and discovery in family and classroom settings.

Wonderopolis is generously supported by funding from the Verizon Foundation, and we are a proud Content Partner of its Thinkfinity Community. A free online professional learning community, Thinkfinity provides access to over 60,000 educators and experts in curriculum enhancement, along with thousands of award-winning digital resources for K-12—aligned to state standards and the common core. Here, educators connect and collaborate through themed groups, blogs and discussions, sharing resources, and best practices that support 21st century teaching and learning.

– See more at:

Pippa Davies @PippaDavies ‘s insight:

Encourage your students to become inspired learners where curiosity and discovery will advance their current awareness and knowledge.  Share this in your geography class or science lessons and your students will be delighted!

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A Nice Visual Representation of Plagiarism ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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HCS Learning Commons‘s insight:

Quick plagiarism tool for easy reference!

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Pippa’s Homeschool and Library Blog: Engaging Students in the Learning Commons

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Pippa Davies @PippaDavies‘s insight:

Pippa Davies (teacher librarian HCS learning commons) shares about engaging students in the 21 century learning commons at VSS conference in Vancouver #edtechbc

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