Adventures of the MakerEd Sessions! 2018-2019

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We have a wonderful Guest Blogger! –  Justine Dehod! Justine is one of our amazing HCS Librarians & one of our MakerEd/STEAM Mentors. She has a heart for igniting a passion for learning in [...]

HCOS Teams Advance to Invitational Round of Robotics Competition

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HCOS TEAMS ADVANCE TO ROBOTICS COMPETITION  INVITATIONAL ROUND This year's Wonder League Robotics Competition boasts 7,890 teams registered and close to 35,500 kids participating from 69 countries. Congratulations Teams GET A CUE, SOCIAL [...]

Canada Learning Code Week

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Get Involved in Canada Learning Code Week December 3 – 10th, 2018 Join thousands of educators and students from across the country to participate in Canada Learning Code’s [...]


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The Dot by Peter H, Reynolds is the story of a girl, Vashti, who thinks she can't draw. Her teacher encourages her in ways that show her she can do anything that she puts her mind [...]