Current Events

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How Can I Teach Current Events to My Students? “How can you not be involved? These are your times, your world, even if those events are on the other side of it. And [...]

How Do I Include First Peoples Content?

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Our HCOS subscriptions offer you a variety of ways to incorporate First Peoples studies into the subjects you are learning already. To find books which will enhance your teaching, go to the  ERAC K-12 [...]

Growing up in Wild Horse Canyon

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Local Author Book Review We have a stunning new book in our Learning Commons, written by Karen Autio, a local Kelowna author, and illustrated by Loraine Kemp. GROWING UP IN WILD [...]

Teaching Children Values

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Teaching our children Godly morals and values is of great concern and an ongoing challenge in a world that bombards us with secular, negative images and ideas.  The learning commons has acquired some resources [...]