Cells and Systems – Grade 8

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Cells and Systems

Cells and Systems Unit Study Kit in L4U Library (login first)

Materials in kit – to be returned to HCOS:

CELLS AND SYSTEMS Grade 8 Parent guide with clickable links and Student Pages can be accessed in the L4U library record for Cells and Systems.

The Immune System from Body Focus by Carol Ballard

Cells (Let’s Relate to Genetics) by Marina Cohen

Cells, Tissues and Organs by Donna Latham

Wonder of the Cell DVD Creation Liberation Series

CK-12 Life Science is an online “book” available at http://www.ck12.org/life-science/

You need to create an account for yourself to log in; it’s free.

Bibliography for Cells and Systems Unit Study

Other books available from HCOS library

Building Blocks in Life Science: from genes & genesis to science and Scripture by Gary Parker

Darwinism and the Rise of Degenerate Science by Paul Back

Learning about Cells by Debbie Routh

Wonder of the Cell DVD by Dr. Georgia Purdom

Other Helpful Materials:

The Immune System from The Kidhaven Science Library

Understanding the Immune System  by Lydia Woods Schindler  -more detailed than needed, but very interesting

How the Immune System Works 2nd edition by Lauren Sompayrace

Ultra-Organized Cell Systems by Rebecca L. Johnson

Mighty Animal Cells from Microquests by Rebecca L. Johnson

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