Chemistry Unit Study – Grade 7


Chemistry Unit Study Kit in L4U Library (login first)

The following items are included in the unit study and must be returned to HCOS:

Materials in kit:

  1. Chemistry Parent Guide – available as pdf
  2. Properties of Matter text
  3. Materials kit:

2 Graduated cylinders 100ml

1 circuit tester – 9 volt battery, 2 bulbs and 1 bulb holder, 3 pieces insulated wire (cut wire and strip ends if not already in 3 pieces).

3 thermometers

3 pH paper vials

2 Wooden clothespins

1 Hand Lens

Hexalink cubes in 3 colours

1 Brown Envelope containing:

6    Laminated Station Cards
18 Orange laminated Element Cards
18 Laminated Station labels 1 Plastic kit containing:
3   Eyedroppers
1   Bottle Iodine
Paper clips
1   Mylar 6 cm square

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