Christian Studies Grades 10 – 12

This page includes all grad resources related to Bible or Christian Studies.



Go here to access all Christian Education links.

Overdrive Digital and Audio Resources

Sign into Overdrive e-Library here.  Then go to the “Religion & Spirituality” tab under the “subjects” menu.

L4U Physical Resources

Sign into L4U with your passwords.  Choose “topic search” from the top menu, and then scroll to “200 – Religion” to see available titles in the various sub-categories.


RightNow Media is a wonderful database which comes complete with young adult Bible studies and a vast array of favourite video series.  To access RightNow Medica please log in to your parent’s home page in Encom, the school computer system, then choose “Curriculum Resources” from the menu at the top of the page.  Scroll down to find the link for RightNow Media and you can set up your account there.

RightNow Media with Materials Available (This list has videos for Children, Youth and Parenting, which have materials available for download)


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