• Your student is embarking on a wonderful digital writing adventure to learn more how to archive, collaborate and share their learning with their teacher, fellow students and maybe the world. We pray that they learn some important digital citizenship skills, and global discipleship along the way.
  • We highly recommend the following blog sites for students under the age of 13.
  • In addition to our Kidblog subscription, parents and students may wish to consider Blogger and EduBlogs (WordPress). Blogger and EduBlogs are perfect because the parent may organize to approve all blog posts before they get posted.
  • Make sure your passwords are complex so that no one else can get into your secure blog.
  • Supervise the whole process sitting with your student when they blog.
  • Walk through the icons and what they mean with your student so they can add media, and share their writing in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Teach your student the importance of knowing your audience.
  • Teach your students about privacy and sharing of information using MediaSmarts and Passport to the Internet via our subscriptions.
  • Go to this page where you will find free tutorials on blogging step by step.
  • Discover your student’s niche or passion whether it’s a hobby or belief in something. Once your student has a topic they can support or share passionately you will have no problem getting them writing.
  • Decide on the perfect domain name. Make it easy and creative and one your student thinks is appropriate. Some blogs automatically assign you a domain.
  • Work together on projects for posts. If the parent is doing the typing make sure you are capturing your student’s thoughts and ideas. Take lots of images as other readers delight in seeing projects and other students.
  • Be encouraged to share your blog domain with the learning commons, and we will share it below so that you can collaborate together with other bloggers.

Blogs to Follow

This is your space to share your blog and personal learning network.  If you would like to have your blog added to this space please contact Pippa Davies pdavies@onlineschool.ca or Cynthia Duncalfe cynthia.duncalfe@onlineschool.ca

Please consider the importance of supervising your blogger under the age of 13.