Contests, Games and Fun Open to Everyone!

(HCOS Students K – Gr. 12)

2018 Fall - Winter Contests and Games

We are so pleased to offer HCOS Students the opportunity to join in some contests and games this year! During our Fall -Winter season, we are offering a Photography Contest and a Christmas Card & Gift Exchange.

The Secret Santa Card and Gift Exchange has been a student favorite event year after year. Sign up to exchange a card and $5 gift with another HCOS Student/Family and join in the upcoming holiday fun! This is a great way to connect with some of the other families in our HCOS community, and share the joy of God’s gift to us. Also, who doesn’t enjoy sending and receiving gifts or getting mail? 

This game has a timeline: I will stop taking names on November 30th, and the cards need to be sent by December 12th to make it to the recipient in time for Christmas.

More information can be found on the Secret Santa Card & Gift Exchange!  Christmas 2018 event page. 

One of our most popular contests is the photography contest.  It is always fun to view the beautiful aspects of God’s creation that the students see, capture, and share.  Whether you enter photos of your own or not, I hope that you will take a few moments to come and enjoy some of the great photos our students are taking. The theme this year is ‘Reflection’, and we look forward to seeing what photos our students produce!

This contest runs until January 6th.

More information can be found on the So You Think You Can Photograph Contest: 2018/2019 page. 

We hope you have fun with these contests and games.