The Physical Learning Commons has many supplementary packs filled with fun and engaging items!  If you would like to learn how to find the quick link to access newer materials such as ADST tools and physical kits please watch this video:

Bring excitement to learning!  Book an engaging kit for your child to explore. All items can be booked through the Search Portal by searching using the key words Maker Ed or the title of the item.  From Knex to Lego, Dash robots, JD Robot, snap circuits, Sphero, Squishy Circuits, Makey Makey, Raspberry Pi, Cubelets and for our very youngest a selection of Geosmart magnetic play. 

To find these resources, from the Home page of the Search Portal, click on the icon that says “Topic Lists”.

The next screen will show a list of topics by grade and by subject. Click on the Hands-On Learning/MakerEd icon to view the list.  Please note, you cannot book the items from this screen at this time.  To learn more about how to book items, view this tutorial.

Examples of items available:

Arduino Starter Kit 

K’Nex Bridges : Introduction to structures.

Circuit Scribe Maker Kit : Draw your own circuits.

Dash Robot and book pack

Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Set

Geosmart Moon Lander

JD Robot Humanoid robot

Magformers Designer set

Musical Instruments

Raspberry Pi Kit for Dummies

LEGO Simple Machines Set : Gr. 1-4.

LEGO MINDSTORMS® Education – family

LightUp Tesla Kit : Learn to program.

Micro: Bit

Snap Circuits Extreme SC 750

Sphero Mini Robotic Ball

Virtual Reality Glasses

The physical Learning Commons has a variety of math resources such as manipulatives, games, DVDs and CDroms which can be booked through the Search Portal.  Some examples:

Activities for Geometric Solids

Answer bingo

Deca Dice

Deluxe Decimal Tower

Geometry and Fractions with Pattern Blocks

Learning Wrap Ups

Math U See Manipulatives

Money Matters for Teens

Money Bags

The Joy of Mathematics

Times Tales pack

The physical Learning Commons has a variety of resources including books, microscopes, and equipment. You can book these items through the Search Portal.

Celestron Digital Microscope

Microscope : Magiscope.

Microscope : Sonlight (limited availability)

Microscope equipment pack

How to Dissect: Exploring With Probe and Scalpel

Dissection kit

Science Experiments with a Microscope

The Ultimate Guide to Your Microscope

Usborne Complete Book of the Microscope: Internet-Linked

Zoomy 2.0 Handheld Digital Microscope

The physical Learning Commons has a variety of resources including book packs, hands-on phonics games and novel studies which can be booked through the Search Portal.

Some examples:

All About Reading Kits

Beginning Public speaking – Ages 5 -11

Come sit by me

Essentials in Writing gr. 6 Kit

Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten

Horizons Phonics and Reading

How to Become a Superstar Student!

Lambs of Hell’s Gate : Chinese workers and the building of the CPR /Novel Study

My Father’s World from A to Z  (A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum)

Reading rods readers and activity sets

Right Brain Sight Words pack

Secrets of Great Communicators

The Institute for Excellence in Writing: Student Writing Intensive programs

Teaching the classics :A Socratic method for literary education

The Elegant Essay Writing Lessons

The Phonetic Zoo:  Level A

The Problem Solvers Biographies

The physical Learning Commons has a variety of resources which can be booked through the Search Portal.

Some examples:

Fossil Identification made Easy

Happy Atoms

Lyrical life science

Matter, It’s properties & its changes

Rocks & Minerals Pack

If you know of something that would benefit the HCOS/HCS community and would like to suggest a purchase, please email