Daily and Seasonal Changes – Digital Unit Study

Daily and Seasonal Changes Digital Unit Study


This unit is designed for children in Kindergarten to Grade One. I am so excited that you and your child will be joining me for a fun, interactive learning adventure as we explore God’s marvelous creation and learn all about the weather, the changing seasons and how living things are affected by these changes. Kindergarteners and first graders have many questions about the world they live in; this unit is designed to answer the following questions:

  • ●  What is weather?
  • ●  What causes weather?
  • ●  What is temperature?
  • ●  What are clouds?
  • ●  What is precipitation (rain, snow, hail etc.)
  • ●  How does weather affect people?
  • ●  How does weather affect animals?
  • ●  How does weather affect plants?
  • ●  What is fall?
  • ●  What is winter?
  • ●  What is spring?
  • ●  What is summer?This study features a variety of activities and is designed to be completed over six weeks, each lesson builds off ideas in the previous lesson. Some activities require additional supplies. Feel free to choose the projects and activities that work best for your family.

Digital Resources:

Daily and Seasonal Changes Digital Unit Study Guide


Resources from Overdrive:

The Four Seasons

The Reason for Seasons

Season to Season

Seasons of the Year

We would love to hear your feedback on this (and/or any other) Unit Study Kits. Please fill out the form below and help us to serve you better.

***In this kit there are suggested activities using Enchanted Learning. We no longer have a paid subscription to Enchanted Learning. You may want to choose other activities instead. When we update these kits we will remove these activities to alleviate any confusion. Blessings, your LC Team

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