Digital Citizenship & Bullying 7-9

Digital Citizenship and Bullying 7-9 Cover

Digital Resources for Use With This Kit:

Grade 7 – 9 Digital Citizenship & Bullying Digital Unit Study Guide

Digital Citizenship and Bullying 7-9 Kit Guide

Note: you are only able to borrow three books at a time from the HCOS digital library. To learn more about the different types of digital PDF resources, and how to download them the help page has excellent instructions.

The Bullying Workbook for Teens by Julia V. Taylor

Beckoners by Carrie Mac

Wonder by by R. J. Palacio
*Feel free to check out one book at a time to work through completely if this will work better for your family. I encourage you to have your child read each book as they each reflect a different understanding of these important issues.

Online Resources
Note: You will need to contact your child’s teacher in order to get login information for the following sites.

Learn 360

Ignition: Ignition is a fabulous internet safety and digital citizenship course. Ignition is free for HCOS families to use, but in order to access the course, your support teacher will need to create an account. After creating their account (using the school’s access), a code can be obtained from either Pippa Davies or Natalie Sing, or your support teacher will be able to create an account for your student. Each Ignition lesson covers a different digital citizenship concept. Students will complete evaluations to prove what they know, and will earn a certificate upon completing the entire course.

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