Canadian Geography – Grades 2/3

 Discovering Canada Physical Kit

Items included in this kit, to be returned to HCOS:

  1. The Kids Book of Canada by Barbara Greenwood
  2. Discovering Canada by Marlene Gutsole and Reginald Gutsole
  3. Scholastic Children’s Atlas of Canada by Scholastic
  4. Let’s Call it Canada Susan Hughes
  5. Canada is for Kids by Michael Mitchell
  6. Professor Noggin’s Card Game
  7. Parent Guide There are links included in this guide. To access them easily, you will need to go to the online guide located in the L4U library system or on the HCS Learning site: L4U ­ log in, type in name of unit study, click on title. In the item record, go to Resources and click on the link to the guide.

Online Resources:
Note: You will need to contact your child’s teacher in order to get login information for the following sites.
Enchanted Learning
Discovery Education

Important Information:

This engaging unit features a variety of excellent digital and physical resources. This guide contains clickable links that will take you to videos, games, pictures, art projects, activities and printable pages for your child to complete. Prior to beginning the unit I highly recommend reading the detailed day plans for five days at a time so that you have the opportunity to print off any needed materials.

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