Discovering Communities: Grade 2/3 Digital Kit


Discovering Communities

Digital Resources for Use With This Kit:

Note: you are only able to borrow three books at a time from the HCOS digital library. This unit contains many more books then you are allowed to take out of the library at any one time. All of the books are excellent and an important part of the unit. I recommend taking out the two books by Natalie Regier first, and printing off the necessary pages. You can then return this books which will allow you to take out the remaining resources.

Communities Grade 2/3 Digital Kit Guide

Communities: Past, Present, Future by Natalie Regier

Canadian Urban and Rural Communities by Natalie Regier

Communities, Around the World, Around the Corner by World Vision (Video)

Community Helpers Then and Now by Bobbie Kalman

Community Maps by Nicolas Brasch

My Community Long Ago by Bobbie Kalman

Online Resources:


Enchanted Learning

Bible Gateway

Additional Information:

BrainPopjr and Enchanted Learning both have passwords. You will need to email your child’s teacher for the login information for BrainPop and Enchanted Learning.

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