Discovering Communities Unit Study – Grades 2/3


Unit Study in L4U (login first)

Contents of kit to be returned:

  • Discovering Communities
  • Discovering Communities Parent Guide
  • Town Mouse, Country Mouse
  • British Columbia
  • Life in aCity
  • Learn about Rural Life or Canada at Work
  • two (2) books that cover two of the following topics: Forestry, Mining, Farming or Fishing

Seven (7) items to be returned in all.

Materials Required:

  • Extra resources on B.C.
  • Internet access

This Unit Study covers all of the learning outcomes for grades two and three in the areas of Skills and Processes; Identity, Culture and Society; Governance and Economy and Technology.

Lessons consist of reading the book Discovering Communities and doing the activities suggested. We have included one book on Life in a City and two books on various resources: Forestry, Mining, Farming or Fishing.  There is also a list of questions for each learning outcome which will help you cover each area.  You do not have to do all of the activities or questions.  Choose those that suit your child’s level.

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