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eBook Library with OverDrive Guide

HCS Learning Commons is ready to launch our eBook library with OverDrive!!

Here you can read or listen to your book of choice on your computer or mobile device!  Both enrolled and registered families may use OverDrive eLibrary.  

We are very excited about our wonderful eLibrary on OverDrive, with professional development, historical fiction, non-fiction including varied curriculum as well as Christian fiction for all ages. We have included great classics like Number the Stars, The Cay, The Giver series, Lord of the Rings and many, many more. Authors such as Bryan Davies, Ted Dekker, Eric Walters, Elizabeth George Speare, and Debora Ellis are to be found here. We welcome your suggestions for eBooks, which you can make on OverDrive using the Suggest Further Resources icon.  Most of our OverDrive non-fiction is directly tied to the new curriculum with our digital and non-digital kits.

We have worked hard to try and find books that represent our unique teaching campuses, but we have had to work within the formats (epub, pdf, mp3, wma, etc) that are compatible with OverDrive.  Presently about 90% of all items on OverDrive are available in OverDrive Read format which allows you to read via browser and one click.


We pray and trust our HCOS families will enjoy these online resources.   We encourage parents to supervise their students’ online activities.  If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your support teacher or Pippa Davies, our Chair of Learning Commons.”

The OverDrive collection is an extension of Heritage Christian School’s physical Learning Commons, only it’s online with 24/7 access to audiobook and eBook downloads. It’s convenient for students to check out titles anytime, anywhere with no worry about misplacing a book or running up late fees – these digital titles automatically return at the end of the lending period!

OverDrive can help students of all ages read more and improve comprehension.  Struggling or reluctant readers, learning-challenged, second language learners, and gifted readers can all benefit from this service.

•                Enrich vocabulary and improve comprehension and pronunciation
•                Introduce students to books above their reading level
•                Teach critical listening
•                Teach using downloadable curriculum via Electronic and Open PDF workbooks such as Evan Moore and Horizons, Complete Classroom Press.  Match up with eReference textbooks to provide complete unit studies in science, social studies and STEM learning.  Our kits are all in digital format on OverDrive.

Getting Started!

Enrolled patrons will receive a set of passwords from L4U when you enrol.  If you have not received these within the first few weeks, please contact Shandra Wiebe (  Watch and review suggestions below, and then follow the circulation information further down the page.

If you are a registered patron you will need to contact Shandra in the physical commons to receive your passwords.   Here is a list of other resources which registered patrons may use in the learning commons.

If you get stuck at all in the process OverDrive HELP will walk you through the process with your device.  Contact Pippa if you need technical support or reference queries in this regard.

Downloading PDF and OPEN PDF Materials re Digital Kits


  • You can download and read PDF titles using Adobe Digital Editions.
  • There are two types of PDF titles: protected and Open PDFs.
    • Open PDF eBooks are compatible with more devices and applications than protected PDF eBooks.  The Open PDF format doesn’t require you to authorize your computer or app to read them, which is why they open on your computer right away, with the option to print readily available.
    • To install ADE for Windows go here
    • To install ADE for Mac go here
    • Learn more about Adobe Digital Editions help here.
    • Adobe PDF eBooks require you to authorize your computer with an OverDrive account or Adobe ID before you read them.
  • PDFs have a static layout with set page breaks, so you can’t adjust font size, and they don’t automatically adjust to fit your screen. However, you can zoom in on a page or graphic.
  • PDFs work well with graphic novels, illustrated eBooks, and other titles with specific formatting.
  • If you get stuck and need to re authorize ADE please trouble shoot using thisADE Troubleshooting Guide

The publishers select the available formats for titles. Additionally, not all PDF titles can be printed. To see if a PDF title can be printed, in the app you will want to select the title > “Properties” button > “License” tab. In Adobe Digital Editions, right-click on the title, then click “Item info” to see the permissions.


eBook readers

Streaming Video- Please read this article.

Audio players

Circulation Process

Parents, teachers and students will have a username and password generated via the new circulation system L4U (which means, “Library for You”). This username and password will be the same information that you will use to access the library catalogue in L4U.   Once you sign up with our schools you will receive your username and password via email shortly after your enrolment.  If you have not received these after two weeks of enrolling please contact and she will send you your details.

Physical Commons (Heritage Christian School students)
Patron details: Students will be able to access the eLibrary based on the information assigned to them during their library time, and their usernames and passwords will also be sent to them at the start of the school year via email.  Parents, please get your students to keep this information in a safe place once you have received it.  Students who register after September will have their passwords assigned manually by Justine Dehod.  Please contact Justine Dehod, our campus librarian, at HCS Library

Loan Period

Patrons may sign up to 4 items on OverDrive at a time and the loan period is either 7, 14, 21, or 28 days.  You may change the loan period under the tab in your account called Settings.  If you are doing a novel study you may renew by returning the book to the system and then checking out again if no-one else has booked it.

Returning Books
Books are automatically returned to the system, so you don’t ever need to fear an overdue item. Alternatively, you can return your items from the OverDrive App (iOS), from the OverDrive Media Console (PC or Mac), or from the Adobe Digital Editions software program. You may only have 3 items out at once, so you may wish to return a digital book early, which will allow you to borrow a new book.  This may change as our collection is developed.


List of compatible devices from OverDrive
List of non-compatible Devices
BC Virtual Library “Library To Go”
We will have some Kobo and Sony E-readers in the campus library for loan via Canpar, but we are still in the process of getting these ready to go. If you are borrowing an eReader from our Learning Commons, please make sure you follow the eReader guidelines.

eReader Guidelines

We are pleased to announce that eReaders are available for Students and their families! Students and Parents/Guardians need to be aware that the following rules apply when using our equipment:

1. Do not download additional content.
2. Do not remove books from the device.
3. Be responsible for damage and/or replacement of the Kobo eReader, or Sony eReader in case of loss or damage. The student/parent should contact the library as soon as possible to report the damage.
4. The equipment is and shall remain the property of the Heritage Learning Commons and is being loaned to the student/staff member for a period of time .
5. All electronic equipment will follow the school’s filtering policy and Acceptable Use policy.
6. The signer is expected to keep the equipment intact while not in use.
7. The eReaders will be loaned out for the time allocated on OverDrive.

Configuration of home Internet use and management of the equipment is the responsibility of the borrower. Should an incident arise where damages are incurred, please contact our Learning Commons staff ASAP.

For more information contact or





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