E Library

Welcome to our Overdrive E book Library at Heritage Christian Schools where fiction and non-fiction is to be found at your fingertips.  If you are a newbie to the e library,  you will need to acquire your username and password,  before you can access the HCS E Library.


This fall in 2013  we are changing our circulation system to L4U and you will be able to access your usernames and passwords via email on the 19th of August or soon after you enroll.  Please save these to a safe place.  These usernames and passwords will be identical to the passwords needed to access our catalogue at L4U.  Once you have these you can sign into the E library and follow the instructions on the How To use the E Library page. You can find easy access to the E library via the widget on the home page (see above image).

Contact Pippa Davies pdavies@onlineschool.ca if you have any difficulties in the online school,  or Jessie Davis at the campus school, library@heritagechristian.ca.  Contact Shandra Wiebe to get you going with usernames and passwords for both the L4U catalogue and e book libraries.

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