Early Literacy Part 1

Resources in the Early Literacy Guide Part 1 Kit to be returned to the HCOS Library:

  1. Reading Reflex by Carmen & Geoffrey McGinness
  2. Early Literacy Guide Part 1 – available online with clickable links, for you to download. Visit our L4U library, log in, and search for the title. You will find the links in the library record
  3. My First Bob Books by Lynn Maslen Kertell 12 books
  4. Scholastic mini-books by Francie Alexander 12 books
  5. 26 Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards & Stix
  6. 54 Sequencing Pattern Cards by School Specialty Editorial
  7. E-Z as ABC Matching Game Contains: 52 puzzle pieces, 26 word cards, vocabulary word list, Alphabet strip, and directions.

Please contact your support teacher for the password to the Enchanted Learning website.

Early Literacy Part 2

Resources in the Literacy 2 Package

  1. Reading Reflex by Carmen McGuiness & Geoffrey McGuinness
  2. Early Literacy Guide part 2 – There are links included in this guide. To access them easily, you will need to go to the online guide located in the L4U library system or on the HCS Learning site. L4U – log in, type in name of unit study, click on title. In the item record, go to Resources and click on the link to the guide.
  3. 54 Sequencing Pattern Cards by School Specialty Publishing
  4. 54 Alphabet Flash Cards by Milton Bradley
  5. Bob Books – (Set 2) 12 books by Bobby Lynn Maslen
  6. My Mountain Alphabet by Margriet Ruurs
  7. Alphabeasts by Wallace Edwards
  8. How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman
  9. Magnetic Literacy – Alphabet and Word Family by Dowling Magnets

Please contact your teacher for the passwords to Enchanted Learning and Raz-Kids.