Ecosystems Unit Study – Grade 7


Ecosystems Unit Study Kit in L4U Library (login first)

Contents of kit to be returned to HCOS:

  1. Ecosystems Parent Guide
  2. Properties of Ecosystems: Textbook
  3. Properties of Ecosystems: Teacher’s Guide
  4. Student Supplement CDROM
  5. Magnifying glass

Science 7 Learning Outcomes Covered:

  • Analyze the roles of organisms as part of interconnected food webs, populations, communities, and ecosystems
  • Assess survival needs and interactions between organisms and the environment
  • Assess the requirements for sustaining healthy local ecosystems
  • Evaluate human impacts on local ecosystems
  • Create models that help to explain scientific concepts and hypothesis.
  • Test a hypothesis by planning and conducting an experiment that controls two or more variables.


  1. I would like to put hold resources kits how do I do that?

    thank you


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