Electricity – Grade 9

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Characteristics of Electricity Unit Study Kit in L4U Library (login first)

The Electricity Gr. 9 Parent Guide and student pages are available for download in the L4U library record.

Materials in kit – to be returned to HCOS:

Exploring Physical Science   Exploring Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and Magnetism Grades 6-12  Expanding Science Skills Series

Electricity #19 by TOPS

Materials required:

CK12- Physical Science Concepts for Middle School  is a “book” found at http://www.ck12.org/book/CK-12-Physical-Science-Concepts-For-Middle-School/

You need to create an account for yourself to log in; it’s free.

Other books available from HCOS library

Electricity by Steve Parker (Eyewitness Science series)

B.C. Science Probe 9 Revised by Barry LeBrew

The Story of Science: Newton at the Centre by Joy Hakim

Electricity by Amanda Bennett

Extension for interest: Experience with an Eel DVD by Moody Science Classics

Bibliography for Electricty Kit Grade 9

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